Halloween Party 2021 Walkthrough + New Pin + New Room!

Hey there everyone, Zoey here! CPR have just released an INCREDIBLE party which I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for… the Halloween party!

There are a LOT of items and features to enjoy during this party, so grab your flashlights to tackle this year’s maze and be sure to dress up in your spoOoOoOoky outfits! It might be worth bringing some garlic along too…

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Field Op Walkthrough 10/26/19

EPF Walkthrough

Hello Everyone! It’s that time again! Time for another Field op! This weeks’ has an interesting twist involving a certain polar bear. So let’s jump in shall we?!

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Halloween Party Walkthrough

Hello Everyone!

After all the excitement of many mascots visiting today, the Halloween party is finally here! There’s a whole bunch of free items to collect and mazes to beat, so let’s begin!

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Mascot Tracker

ninjamascots*scroll down for Halloween Party walkthrough*
Hey everyone!

The Halloween party is soon upon us! But before this happens we have to celebrate the Anniversary party! Aunt Arctic and Jet Pack Guy have both already visited, and the CPR Administration team has said “Meet multiple characters by celebrating with us!” So we must be ready for any and all mascot’s to appear. After the Anniversary ends, the Halloween party starts, where Gary will make appearances and possibly even Herbert!

So, I’d love to help you guys (and myself) find them. To join our Mascot Tracker just join our discord by clicking this link:


First click on the channel #mascot-roles on the left side of the chat, click the Rockhopper emoji under the message.

This makes sure you get updated whenever, so if you have the discord app on your phone you can be updated of mascots location wherever you go!

Then click on the channel #mascot-updates. There our team will be updating everyone on Mascot’s locations as soon as they log in! Also to get more tips and tricks on how to meet the mascots and grab their exclusive bg, click here for an extensive post on tips and tricks on how to be a better mascot tracker. Good luck you guys!

Until Next Time! Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team

Anniversary Party Walkthrough

Hey everyone!

It’s Club Penguin’s birthday! CPR has honored that with an anniversary party along with a new party hat and several other new features! Click continue reading for our full guide!

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Field Ops Walkthrough 10/18/19

Hello Everyone!

It’s time for us to save the island yet again with another field-op! Today we get more information about this mysterious signal that’s been appearing in recent weeks. So let’s jump right in!

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News and Information

Image result for new news icon club penguin

Hello everyone! It is Wednesday my dudes and that means it’s time for yet another edition of the Penguin Times! We learn more about the Halloween party and also some additional information regarding upcoming events! Let’s jump in shall we?

Tomorrow(ish) – October 17th 

  • A new stage play is coming to the theater! It will be the Night of the Living Sled from the looks of things. A very spooky and fitting play for the Halloween season. Check back here tomorrow, and we will discuss any hidden items or aspects about this play.

5 Days – October 22nd 

  • Club Penguin’s Anniversary party will be held! There’s always a party hat to collect and the Iceberg may even be tip-able! So be sure to check back here on the 22nd to get our full rundown of the party to make sure you don’t miss anything!

Next Week – October 24th

  • The Halloween party is finally almost here! They’ve had a while to prepare for this so it should be an epic party for sure! Gary is most likely visiting and maybe some other ones that we don’t know about (Possibly Herbert and Jet Pack Guy??) We’ll have to see. The Halloween party has always been a great one, we will have our full walkthrough post up next week as soon as possible for you!
  • A new pin will be hidden on the island as well! We will have the location revealed along with our Halloween party post!

An extra little something noted in the newspaper is on the page where they interview Gary. If we take a close look at the picture on the right, we notice a shadow of a crab claw.

Could this hint at Herbert and Klutzy’s involvement in this party? We’ll have to find out!

Join our discord to join in on the speculation!


Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team





October 2019 Furniture Catalog Secrets

Hello again!

Along with the new pin and the new field-op. A new furniture catalog is out with a new spooky theme to decorate your trick-or-treat igloo! Complete with many secrets! Let’s jump right into those! Click continue reading for our full guide.

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Field Ops Walkthrough 10/10/19

Hello Everyone! It’s that time again! Time for another field ops walkthrough! We learn more information about this strange signal that we have been receiving, so click continue reading and let’s jump in!

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