Halloween Party 2021 Walkthrough + New Pin + New Room!

Hey there everyone, Zoey here! CPR have just released an INCREDIBLE party which I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for… the Halloween party!

There are a LOT of items and features to enjoy during this party, so grab your flashlights to tackle this year’s maze and be sure to dress up in your spoOoOoOoky outfits! It might be worth bringing some garlic along too…

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Prehistoric Party Walkthrough

Hey everyone, Kidguin here! Bit of a late post this time around due to work, but the Prehistoric Party has finally been released!

There are definitely a good amount of features to explore with this party. You know the drill: keep reading to find out more!

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Mountain Expedition 2021 Walkthrough + New Pin + New Code!

Hiya everyone, Mobio here! CPR have just released the highly anticipated Mountain Expedition party, with its previous appearance being in 2017, so get your hiking boots on, it’s time to climb up the Tallest Mountain! There are a few decorations around the island which you can explore, this guide will take you through the mountains and show you all the items and the Mountaineer stamp you can get from this party!
Theres also a new code to use: MOUNTAINPACK, to unlock some items for this expedition

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Holiday Party Bakery Walkthrough 12/24/19

Hello everyone Fliberjig1 here, and welcome to the walkthrough for the new bakery room that has been released as of today! Here is the image of the room, and keep reading to find all of the free items available now!

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Card Jitsu Water Confirmed!

Image result for card jitsu water

Hello everyone! Many have speculated and questioned if CPR would ever bring Card Jitsu Water to the game. Many have speculated that Sensei’s upcoming announcement (viewed in the newspaper) will tell more about that, but for now CPR has confirmed that CJW is for sure in the works via twitter.

Now, we don’t know for sure when this will be happening, it could be later this month, or not until November. Some people think it won’t happen until November because that’s when Card Jitsu themed parties usually are, however Sensei’s announcement may prove differently and hopefully so, I know I don’t want to wait until November. So, make sure to check in Wednesday when the new Penguin Times drops to see what Sensei’s announcement is and if it pertains to CJW or not, in the meantime, let’s all just be happy that we know that Card Jitsu Water is coming at for sure, at some point or another.

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Until Next Time, Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team