Mission 7: Clockwork Repair

1. Talk with Gary the Gadget Guy.

He tells you about the broken Clock Tower, which is causing other clocks on the island to go haywire.

2. Click the monitor of the Snow Forts G points to.

You see the polar bear and crab you learned about in Mission 5 removing the prime gear and target-winder from the Clock Tower. You also see a spring flying off toward the Iceberg.

3. Talk to G again.

He asks you to repair the clock. You need to find the missing spring and target and make a new gear.

4. Before you leave, go to the other side of HQ and click in the middle of the Invention Cabinet.

You see a combination lock using secret-agent code.

5. Go back to G, and tell him you need to use the Electromagnet 2000.

He tells you the password is key.

6. Go back to the cabinet, and click it.

You see the lock again.

7. Using secret-agent code (you can find the code in the bottom-right corner of your screen), click the up and down arrows to set the lock combination to the letters k e y. See the picture below for the correct code:

The combination lock opens.

8. Grab the Electromagnet 2000, and put it in your inventory.

9. Now, go in the Gadget Room.

10. Look around for the shelves, grab the life-preserver ring off the top shelf, and put it in your inventory.

(If you want to learn more about how to repair the clock, go to the Snow Forts and talk with Rory, the penguin standing in front of the Clock Tower.)

11. Go to the Iceberg.

On the Iceberg, you see the spring, frozen in a large ice cube floating in the water.

12. From your inventory, take the Electromagnet 2000, and click it on the ice cube to pull it out of the water.

13. Put the ice cube and the Electromagnet 2000 in your inventory.

14. Head to the Ski Village, and talk with the two penguins about the physical properties of snow.

15. Go to the Beach next.

16. Talk to the yellow penguin sitting in the fancy snow chair.

He tells you his specially made chair was crafted by a yellow puffle.

17. Take the green bucket by the yellow penguin, and put it in your inventory.

18. Now, go to the Dock, and talk with the two penguins in blue-team uniforms.

They tell you how they got the Clock Tower target.

19. Ask if you can have the target.

They will give you the Clock Tower target if you can hit it with a snowball three times.

20. To hit the target, click and hold your mouse button to build up the power to sling a snowball.

21. Aim a little ahead of the target, and click your mouse button again to throw a snowball.

You get ten snowballs. If you don’t hit the target three times, try again.

22. Talk to the penguins after you hit the target three times, and they give you the target.

23. Put the target in your inventory.

24. From your inventory, grab the life-preserver ring and give it to the penguins so they can keep practicing.

25. Go to the Town.

26. Talk to Rookie, the agent you met in Mission 3.

He is handing out posters for the missing Clock Tower gear.

27. Tell him you’ve been looking for a picture of the gear.

He offers you a poster.

28. Click the poster he hands you, and put it in your inventory.

29. Go to the Snow Forts.

30. Take the green bucket from your inventory, and scoop up some snow.

31. Put the bucket of snow in your inventory.

32. On to the Plaza, and go in the Pizza Parlor.

33. Put the sheet of music by the piano in your inventory.

34. Go to The Stage.

35. Take the sheet of music from your inventory, and put it on the piano.

You see a yellow puffle peek out from behind a curtain.

36. Play the song on the sheet music, matching the colored notes on the sheet to the colored piano keys.

The yellow puffle comes out.

37. Click to the left or to the right of the screen to exit the close-up view of the piano.

38. From your inventory, take the poster and give it to the yellow puffle.

39. Now from your inventory, take the bucket of snow and give it to the puffle.

The puffle makes a gear out of snow!

(If you give the puffle snow from anywhere but the Snow Forts, the gear will fall apart after the puffle builds it.)

40. Put the bucket back in your inventory.

41. Put the gear in your inventory.

42. Head back to HQ, go in the Gadget Room again, and look for the Test Chamber.

43. Take the ice cube from your inventory, and place it on the right side of the conveyor belt of the Test Chamber.

44. Click the red handle near the bottom to move the ice cube into the chamber.

45. Press the fire button on the right.

You melt the ice.

46. Click the red handle again to move the spring out of the chamber.

47. Put the spring in your inventory.

48. From your inventory, take the snow gear and place it on the conveyor belt.

49. Click the red handle to move the gear into the chamber.

50. Press the red snowflake button on the left.

You superchill the gear.

51. Click the red handle to move the gear out of the chamber.

52. Put the gear back in your inventory.

53. Go to the Snow Forts.

54. Click near the bottom of the Clock Tower.

You see the clockwork.

55. From your inventory, take the spring and put it in the clockwork:

56. Now from your inventory, take the gear and put it in the clockwork:

57. Finally, from your inventory, take the target and put it on the winding arm to the left of the Clock Tower:

The clock is running now.

Your spy phone rings.

58. Answer your spy phone.

It’s the polar bear!

Now G walks out and says you’ve done excellent work.

59. Talk to G.

60. Be sure to get your medal and gift.

You’re done!

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