Mission 6: Question for a Crab

1. Talk with Gary the Gadget Guy, and he tells you he is about to use the Crab Translator 3000.


After Gary starts it up, the Crab Translator 3000 explodes and the crab escapes.

2. Follow the crab out of the Gadget Room and to the Ski Village.

In the Ski Village, you can talk with the two penguins. They tell a bunch of jokes.


3. Jump on the chairlift, and head up to top of the Mountain.

On the Mountain, the crab jumps off.

4. Follow the crab, and jump off the back of the Mountain.


You land in the same Club Penguin outback you were in in Mission 2: G’s Secret Mission.

5. Follow the crab.

He leads you to a cave with a door. You won’t be able to open the door right now.


6. Search through the woods till you find a sack of O berries strung up in a tree.


You may see a black puffle as you look for the sack of berries. Remember where you see the puffle, if you do find it.

7. Click the red light at the top of your spy phone, and use the scissors to cut down the sack of berries.


8. Put the sack of berries in your inventory.

9. Now, search through the woods till you find the black puffle.


10. Give the puffle an O berry from the sack of berries in your inventory.

The puffle follows you around now, just like it did in mission 2.

11. Search through the woods till you find the cave the crab went in.

12. Take an O berry from the sack in your inventory, and put it on the smaller door the crab went through.

The puffle follows the O berry, darts through the door, and lets you in.

13. Go into the cave.

Once inside the cave, a cage drops, trapping you.

14. Talk with the polar bear.


He tells you who he is, how he met the crab, and what his plan is. This is pretty long and very funny.

After the polar bear and crab leave, the black puffle comes out from behind a rock. It helps you get out.

15. Move to the left till you see the Cage Lift mechanism.

16. Put an O berry on the handle on the right of the Cage Life to make the puffle jump on it and turn on the water.


17. Now put an O berry on the left side of the drain to make the puffle jump on it and make the water pour the other way.


18. Finally, put an O berry on the tray to the right of the waterwheel to make the puffle jump on it and make the water flow to the waterwheel.


The cage lifts.

19. Go to the right, and put the Electro Magnet 3000 plans on the cave wall in your inventory.

20. Put the bottle of hot sauce on the table in your inventory.

21. In your inventory, put the bottle of hot sauce on top of the sack of O berries to make a flaming O berry.

Keep the flaming O berry in your inventory for now.

22. Move right again, and put the rope and anchor in your inventory.

23. Keep going right till you get to the door.

24. Open the door.

When you open the door, a snow slide blocks the opening.

25. Put the flaming O berry in your inventory on the snow blocking the door.

The black puffle goes nuts and burns through the snow slide. Follow the puffle out the door.

26. Search through the woods till you find a cliff.


27. In your inventory, put the rope on top of the anchor to make a grappling hook.


28. Click the cliff with the grappling hook.


You are back on top of the Mountain.

29. Ride the chairlift down to the Ski Village.

30. Go into the Ski Lodge.

31. Go out the back door.


The polar bear and crab are behind the Ski Lodge, working on the mechanical woodchopper.

32. Go back through the Ski Lodge and into the Ski Village.

33. Go to the Dock, and continue walking till you get to the Pizza Parlor.


34. Go in the Pizza Parlor, and speak with the pizza maker.

35. When the pizza maker asks want you want, order the Seaweed pizza.


The pizza maker gives you a pizza.

36. Put the pizza in your inventory.

37. Walk back to the Ski Lodge, go inside, and go out the back door again.

The polar bear is still working on his woodchopper.

38. Take the pizza out of your inventory, and put it on the polar bear.


39. While the polar bear eats the pizza, move the handle on the bottom of the woodchopper from the green arrow on the left to the red arrow on the right.

Move the handle from here:


To here:


When the polar bear and crab start up the woodchopper, it shoots backward and falls into the frozen pond.


Gary comes to investigate the commotion.

40. When Gary asks if you found anything interesting, you can click the three answers.

41. From your inventory, give Gary back his Electro Magnet 3000 plan.

(I like the black puffle shooting across the sky!)


42. Be sure to get your medal of excellence and gift.

You’re done!

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