Mission 5: Secret of the Fur

1. Talk to Gary the Gadget Guy.

step 5.01

He ask you to take a look at the Furensic Analyzer 3000.

2. Click the Furensic Analyzer 3000.

You see a bit of puffle fur stuck in the analyzer.

3. From your spy phone, take the comb and use it to untangle the puffle fur so it can feed into the machine.

step 5.02

The analyzer matches the fur to a pink puffle.

4. Now, G asks you to scan the fur you found in mission 3.

5. Take the fur from G’s hand, and put it in the analyzer.

The analyzer reports it is an unknown specimen but is able to identify substances on the fur. The analyzer then finds traces of hot chocolate, hot sauce, and jet-pack fuel on the unknown fur sample.

6. G tells you to find larger samples of the elements found on the fur so he can use them to calibrate his special goggles.

7. Before you leave, go to the other side of the Gadget Room, grab the AC 1000 from the Prototypes shelf, and put it in your inventory. You need it in a bit.

8. Now, go to the Coffee Shop in Town for the hot chocolate.

You find a mess in the shop.

step 5.06

9. Ask the barista behind the counter what happened.

He tells you about a “big, strange, angry thing” he saw. He drew a picture of it and shows it to you.

step 5.07

10. Click the drawing he puts on the counter to see the monster.

11. Talk to the barista again, and ask him for some hot chocolate.

12. He tells you he can’t make you a cup: The shop’s hot-chocolate machine is broken.

13. Click the hot-chocolate machine behind the barista.

14. In your inventory, click your spy phone and grab your wrench.

15. Use the wrench on the milk hose over on the left to reattach it to the machine.

step 5.13

16. Put your wrench away, and click the Cold/Hot dial on the right side of the machine to move the dial from Cold to Hot.

Step 5.14

17. Take the mug from the top of of the machine, and put it under the hot-chocolate spout.

18. Press the Hot Chocolate button, and you discover you need chocolate sauce.

19. Head over to the Pizza Shop in the Plaza.

It’s a mess too!

20. Ask the pizza chef what happened.

He tells you he also saw a “really hairy, mutant crab!”

21. Ask him if you could take a sample of the hot sauce and the chocolate sauce.

step 5.19

22. Put the two sauces in your inventory.

23. While you are in the Pizza Shop, ask the chef if you can give him a hand with anything.

He asks you to deliver a pizza to a penguin fishing behind the Ski Lodge.

24. Take the pizza box from the counter, and put it in your inventory.

step 5.22

25. Go to the Ski Lodge in the Ski Village, head out the back door of the lodge, and deliver the pizza to the penguin fishing behind the lodge.

26. Return to the Coffee Shop.

27. Click the hot-chocolate machine.

28. Take the chocolate sauce in your inventory, and pour it in the Insert Chocolate funnel on top of the machine.

29. Press the red button for hot chocolate, and—tah dah!—hot chocolate fills the mug!

30. Put the mug of hot chocolate in your inventory.

31. Go to the Lighthouse at the Beach.

32. While you are in the Lighthouse, take the rope on the boat …

step 5.31a

… and the fishing net beside the wooden steering wheel …

step 5.31b

… and put them in your inventory. You need them later.

33. At the foot of the stairs, you find two startled penguins. Talk to them.

34. Head up the stairs to the Beacon.

35. Take the AC 1000 from your inventory, and click it on the floating jet-pack-fuel can to blow the red can toward you.

step 5.34

36. Take the scissors from your spy phone, and snip the balloon string on the fuel can.

37. Return the scissors to your spy phone, and put the fuel can in your inventory.

38. Return to HQ, go in the Gadget Room, and talk with G.

39. Tell him you have found all the elements.

40. From your inventory, pour the hot chocolate, the hot sauce, and the jet-pack fuel in the funnel on the left side of the calibration machine.

step 5.39

41. Now, take the goggles from the calibration machine and put them in your inventory.

Click the tracking goggles in your inventory to wear them and to turn them on and off.

42. With the goggles turned on, track paw prints from the Pizza Shop, through the Snow Forts, to the Coffee Shop, past the Dock, to the Lighthouse, and finally to the Ski Lodge.

step 5.41

43. Enter the Ski Lodge.

There, the penguin you delivered the pizza to is hiding under the couch cushions.

44. Talk to him.

He tells you he almost caught a gigantic fish, but he saw a giant shadow behind him and decided to hide inside the Ski Lodge.

45. While you are in the Ski Lodge, take the candle from the candleholder to the left of the couch and put it in your inventory. You need it in a bit.

step 5.44

46. Go out the back door to the fishing hole.

You see the shadow of the monster and overhear him say he is cold and needs a candle. You can turn off your goggles, if you want.

47. In your inventory, put the rope on the fishing net to create a trap.

48. Hang the trap on the tree limb.

49. From your inventory, put the candle in the trap.

The crab scuttles over and gets caught in the trap. The monster, however, runs away.

50. Put the tuft of fur the monster left behind in your inventory.

step 5.49

51. Put the captured crab in your inventory.

52. Return to HQ, go in the Gadget Room, and talk with G.

53. Tell him about what you caught, and hand him the crab.

54. Talk to G again, and put the tuft of fur you found in the Furensic Analyzer 3000.

You find out that the tuft of fur came from a ….polar bear!

55. Now talk to G again.

You’re done!

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