Halloween Party 2021 Walkthrough + New Pin + New Room!

Hey there everyone, Zoey here! CPR have just released an INCREDIBLE party which I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for… the Halloween party!

There are a LOT of items and features to enjoy during this party, so grab your flashlights to tackle this year’s maze and be sure to dress up in your spoOoOoOoky outfits! It might be worth bringing some garlic along too…

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The Fair 2021 Walkthrough

Hiya Penguins, Ninja here!

It’s time for one of the best parties of the year, The Fair!

This years fair comes loaded with some new items, rooms and many other things. For the full walkthrough click continue reading!

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Parrot Unlock Code + New Pin!

Hiya Penguins, Ninja here!

Today we have another code released in celebration of 10 million penguins!

Today’s code is: RZVKkUPn

Another animal friend! Enjoy your new parrot!

There’s also a new pin on the island! It can be found at the Beach!

Be sure to join our discord to get these codes as soon as they release!


Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team

Dino Nugget Pin + New Unlock Code

Hello Everyone!

Ninja here with a quick update about the newest pin location and unlock code!

Before you log in, go to the unlock items online button on the homescreen. Then enter the code YOLKFAMILY to unlock a cool new sweatshirt!

Next you can log in and the Dino Nugget Pin can be found in the Pizza Parlor!

And that’s all for today!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team

New Unlock Code + Rockhopper’s Daily Treasure

Hello Everyone! Ninja Here!

Today I bring great news on a few updates that the CPR team has released, the first is a new unlock code!


Here’s what it unlocks!

After this you can log on and collect the newest pin. The Ham pin can be found in the snow forts!

As well as this CPR is giving out a lot of free items in the coming weeks through a new update called “Rockhopper’s Daily Treasure”

CPR is doing this to test things out with their client and developing. To claim your free items, all you will have to do is login every day for the next several weeks to claim a free item!

All you have to do is after you log in, click the crystal button on the top right of your screen, then click on the Week 1 Chest since this is week 1, after this week you will click Week 2 and so on.

To read the staff’s full post about this and why they’re doing it you can click this link: https://community.cprewritten.net/2021/05/28/treasure-shop-arriving-in-game/

And that’s all for today! Make sure to login every day to claim new rewards on CPR! Join our discord to get any updates on this as well!


Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team

December 2020 Clothing Catalog Secrets (+ NEW PIN!)

Hey everyone, Kidguin here! Bit of a delayed post today, everyone’s pretty busy around this time of year. A new Penguin Style catalog was released today, as well as a winter sports catalog and pin! Keep on reading to find out more!

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The Great Storm 2020, New Catalog, & More!

Howdy, penguins! Agent reporting in. This is my first time writing for the site, and I could not be more excited! Especially with what we’ve got in store for you…

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Halloween Party 2020 Walkthrough

Hi all, Kidguin here 🙂 The Halloween Party is finally out! Get ready for some spooky decorations, eerie transformations, and much more! Keep on reading to find out what this party brings!

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