Shellbeard Tracker

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Hey everyone!

The Pirate Party is here! Shellbeard the new mascot has been confirmed to visit, as well as maybe Rockhopper! We have the fastest trackers that have helped thousands of people meet mascots! So, I’d love to help you guys (and myself) meet them when they visit! To gain access to our FREE top of the line mascot tracker click continue reading!
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The Fair 2021 Walkthrough

Hiya Penguins, Ninja here!

It’s time for one of the best parties of the year, The Fair!

This years fair comes loaded with some new items, rooms and many other things. For the full walkthrough click continue reading!

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Stampbooks are Back! + Gary’s New BG

Hello Everyone! Ninja here!

Just wanted to pop on and let you all know that the stampbook feature has finally returned to CPR. You can now resume your collecting of and showing off of stamps!

Also, as a bonus CPR has updated Gary’s background for the mountain expedition. Join our mascot tracker to get it today!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team

Sneak Peak into the Future

Hello all! Ninja here!

I wanted to pop in and let you know a little about what’s happening at CPR. We’ve gotten some sneak peaks for two future parties, some new igloo contests and the newest minigame to return to the island. So click continue reading for the full post!

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Introducing… The Mascot Bot!

Hello, readers! I’ve got some exciting news to share with you all today!

I’m proud to announce that we now have our own Mascot bot that tracks in real time!!

How does it work you may ask? Well it’s real simple, all you have to do is follow our Mascot Bot twitter account!


If you are in our discord server, you know that our mods in the chat post updates in real time whenever a mascot logs on to CPR. Whenever we track on the server, the updates now get sent to Twitter too!

Here’s how it looked tracking the Penguin Band earlier today:


Cool right? Be sure to follow us to get those notifications! Now you won’t ever have to miss another mascot again!

Special thanks to dooburt for creating this bot for us – it wouldn’t have been possible without him!

Happy mascot hunting!


New News and…A Mystery

Image result for new news icon club penguin

Hello Everyone!

It’s your favorite pal Ninja again. Today we have a new newspaper and a slight update with some interesting information being released. This opens up a wide variety of things that can happen in the future.  Click continue reading for the full post! Continue reading “New News and…A Mystery”

CPR Cadence & Penguin Band Tracker

Image result for club penguin candaceImage result for club penguin penguin band

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Hey everyone!

The Music Jam is here! And with that, both Cadence and the Penguin Band are at a high percentage to visit soon! We have the fastest tracker in the west.

So, I’d love to help you guys (and myself) find them. To join our Cadence and Penguin Band Tracker just join our discord by clicking this link:

First click on the channel #mascot-roles, click the Rockhopper emoji under the message.

This makes sure you get updated whenever, so if you have the discord app on your phone you can be updated of mascots location wherever you go!

Then click on the channel #mascot-updates. There our team will be updating everyone on Candace and the Penguin Band’s locations as soon as they log in! Also to get more tips and tricks on how to meet the mascots and grab their exclusive bg, click here for an extensive post on tips and tricks on how to be a better mascot tracker. Good luck you guys!

Until Next Time! Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team

Music Jam 2019 Walk through

Image result for music jam logo

Hello Penguins! After some small delay of a handful of hours, the 2019 Music Jam is finally here, ready to jam us up! There are many great things to do during this party, which will last until the 6th of June. Along with this there is a new pin! Continue reading for a complete walk through!

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New Island Updates

Hey everyone! A minor update occurred recently and I’m here to sum it all up for you! Click continue reading to get the full details!

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