Become a Fire Ninja

Once you have obtained your Ninja mask and Ninja status (welcome to the cool kids club ;)) you can enter the secret Ninja hideout, by entering through the secret door on the left, pictured here.

Once there click on the fire tablet to open the gateway to the Volcano training room.

When you get there click on Sensei to receive your new fire deck and then start your Ninja training! Here’s all the levels you need to obtain on your way to becoming a fire ninja:

You can check your progress to the next item by clicking the blue card deck in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Image result for Progress to fire Ninja

And now for some gameplay notes: click Sensei and then click “Earn my Fire Suit” or just click on one of the blue practice pads, this will give you the exp you need as well.

When it’s your turn, the middle tiles will spin and you can choose one at random.

After that you will have two choices pop up, it would be wise to pick the element that you have the highest of, for example I would be wise to choose the water in the picture down below since that’s my highest numbered card.

The highest number will always win, unless you don’t have the selected element, if you don’t have the element of choice, you will automatically lose.

When you land on one of the tiles on the far right or far left, you will be able to choose whatever element you want to be the selected element.

At this point it didn’t do me any good, because all my cards were low, but still I get to choose what I think is best for me. These tiles can be very handy for plotting your foe’s doom

Card Jitsu battles are important parts of the Card Jitsu Fire game. When you land on one of the tiles on the top or bottom of the circle, or if you land on the same tile as an opponent, you will engage in a card jitsu battle.

Card jitsu battles are basically the old card jitsu, whoever gets the better of the fire, ice or snow, cards and if it’s a tie, whoever has the higher card will win. These type of matches are very important because the winner gets one extra life and the loser loses one, resulting in a +2 or -2 point differential depending on which end you come out on.

Each win you get will only earn you 5% closer to your next achievement and only 2% when you lose, so it is a very long game that needs to be ground out to play, but it’s very worth it in the end.

Once you have completed your fire suite and received the helmet as your last piece, go up to Sensei and click “Challenge Sensei”. Once you beat Sensei he will award you with the Fire gem that will be placed in your Amulet and you are now a complete fire ninja! You can celebrate by putting on your full fire suit (including the amulet) and press “D” and you will master the element of fire!

Some final tips to help you earn that fire suit faster:

  1. Use the red mats to play, people will see you waiting and will join you much faster than if you talk to Sensei.
  2. To be more specific, only use the mats that can hold 2 players, when there’s only two players the games go much faster and you can win or lose and be on your way to the next game much faster.
  3. Don’t ever quit a game, no matter how badly you might be losing. Even if you lose you will get exp, you’re helping neither yourself nor the winner when you quit as neither of you will get exp, so don’t be that person.
  4. Just grind it out. Find a day when you have nothing to do and set your mind to getting that suit, doesn’t matter how much you win or lose, just keep playing and you’ll get it eventually.


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