Bunny Item Unlock Code!

Hi everyone! As part of CP Rewritten’s recent 10 million account milestone, the team has released the third of ten items to celebrate this special event. Todays code is the stuffed bunny!

On the Unlock items page, enter the code “yioCgoLF” to unlock your new item!

This ones a classic so you don’t wanna miss it!

Remember to check back here every day for new codes when they release. Additionally, join the Discord server to stay up to date and be notified when Mascots arrive on the island. What did you all think of todays item?

P.S. We have a new domain! Please redirect your browsers to cprcheats.com from now on!

Until next time,

CPR Cheats Team

Introducing the Archives!

Hello, penguins!

It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? I hope everyone is doing well! Over the past few months I have been quite busy with life, working hard in school and now I’ve finally graduated university!

But, you might be wondering, what am I doing back here all of a sudden? The truth is, I haven’t forgotten about you all as I’ve been working on something for a while and today I’m extremely proud to finally introduce it to you all!

That special surprise I bring to you is the CP Rewritten Cheats Archive! This past year I have searched long and hard for many old pictures of CPR I took during the early days, and now I am very pleased to share almost all of these photos with the community. As most of you know, we have been around for a long time, so I always thought about creating a collection for archival purposes or just to look back on CPR’s history. Some of these photos are never-before-seen, while many have been shared already in previous posts on our site.

However, that’s not all! Included in the archives are many photos of CP Rewritten Cheats history as well, which includes every staff photo and pictures from our events through our Discord’s history beginning in January 2019. These memories and photos would not have been possible without my admin and partner LordNinja24, and our longtime moderators Kidguin, eveny, agent, Roybert, asad, Julz, mobio, Mem, Kate, jo as well as our former mods. While the Hall of Lawl is dedicated to funny moments within our Discord server, this archive serves as a memorial for past CPR events and our own history.

The archives page has now been published, so you can take a look at everything right here! As noted on the page, most images I could find are listed but I will update it as I find more images. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I did creating it! Here’s to many more memories to come!

Until next time,

-CPR Cheats Team

Club Penguin’s 15th Anniversary

Hi there, friends!

Today marks a very special day on the Club Penguin Island. Today is Club Penguin’s 15th Anniversary! 15 years ago, the game we all come to know and love was created by the one and only Rocketsnail. In order to celebrate this momentous occasion, today only you can celebrate and collect a very special party hat on CPR!

Of course, you can collect the anniversary hat in the coffee shop:

Not only that, but today is the only day of the year where you can tip the ICEBERG! How do you do that, you may ask? Well, it’s pretty simple:

If you’re in a server where it seems there’s not a lot of penguins trying to tip it, try logging off and logging on to a larger, 5 Bar, server. I would recommend Blizzard, or if that’s full, Sleet.

Once you get there and there’s a good amount of Penguins, all you have to do is put on your hard hat and press D to drill and with all the penguins working together it should tip pretty quickly.

Once tipped, you can collect your reward, “The Iceberg Tipper”.

And that’s all for this party! I can’t believe Club Penguin is 15 years old today. I remember playing as a kid, where my first anniversary was the 4th! Time sure does fly fast. How long have you guys been playing CP? Which anniversary was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Until next time,



Introducing… The Mascot Bot!

Hello, readers! I’ve got some exciting news to share with you all today!

I’m proud to announce that we now have our own Mascot bot that tracks in real time!!

How does it work you may ask? Well it’s real simple, all you have to do is follow our Mascot Bot twitter account!


If you are in our discord server, you know that our mods in the chat post updates in real time whenever a mascot logs on to CPR. Whenever we track on the server, the updates now get sent to Twitter too!

Here’s how it looked tracking the Penguin Band earlier today:


Cool right? Be sure to follow us to get those notifications! Now you won’t ever have to miss another mascot again!

Special thanks to dooburt for creating this bot for us – it wouldn’t have been possible without him!

Happy mascot hunting!