Hello penguins! Since this sites creation in March 2017, we have been lucky enough to experience almost every major party in CP Rewritten’s history. Thus, I thought it would be cool to showcase all the images I’ve took over the years in one place for archival purposes or simply just to look back on. These include not only images from CPR’s history but our history as well! It took me a while to dig up many of these images, so hope you enjoy! Credits and big thanks to LordNinja24 and the CPRC team for our events photos and description, these memories are made because of you all who made this possible!

*If you use any of these images on your own site/elsewhere, please give credit to this site!

This page is a WIP, meaning that it will be updated frequently as time passes on.

Beta Party – February 12th, 2017

The earliest known Beta image
Aunt Arctic’s first visit ever
Cadence’s first visit ever
Gary’s first visit ever
Franky’s first visit ever

Puffle Party 2017

With stu (stuff), Codey (former admin) and Aodhan (former mod)

Mountain Expedition 2017

Shamrock pin – March 2017

St. Patrick’s Day 2017


April Fools’ 2017

Crayon pin
Pizza pin
100k members celebration
Cove 10th Anniversary – May 2017
Sun pin
Water Party 2017
Color Vote 2017
Jetpack pin
Spider pin
Pumpkin pin
12th anniversary party – Oct 24th, 2017
Tipping the berg at the 12th anniversary party
2017-11-08 13_20_18-Play Now! _ Club Penguin Rewritten
Polar paw print – Nov 2017
Wreath pin – Dec 2017

CP Rewritten 1st Anniversary Party

50th Newspaper – Feb. 2018
From CPR’s only waddle on party (Feb 2018). They gave out the OG beta hat here.
First CPRC staff photo, 2/12/19
Second staff photo, 4/23/19
Third staff photo 6/14/19
Edited staff photo by Fliberjig. (We were all not online at the same time) 12/16/19
Edited staff pic by Roybert. 07/2020
4/16/19. Our first ever stamp event! We had a great event with around 50 people showing up. We did all group stamps and did many of the 30 count penguin igloo stamps. Hosted and lead by Ninja mostly.
5/6/19. One Thousand Member party! We did a bunch of the stamps, took some pics, raided some rooms looking the same. Ninja and Zippy hosted
7/20/19. 2k discord member party! This was planned for a while, pushed back a couple of times but finally happened. zippy and Ninja had whole doc planned for this, we did all the stamps. Some sweet pics on the iceberg, scope gang, and we played multiplayer games and ended it off with some randomly chosen igloo raids.
10/5/19 3k Party! Idea proposed by owners. Head planner was Susie. Just about every mod or owner had a game to do, like find the picture, Simon Says, the opposite game, and trivia.
3k party!
11/23/19. Stamp event hosted by Susie. All the major group stamps were done. As well as a very good amount of igloo raids.
12/12/19. One of our first Ausia/UK stamp event! We had a very good showing. Kidguin and Eveny hosted. All the group stamps were done, as well as many igloo raids! (We tried zippy but he wouldn’t open his igloo). At the end Ev announced she was hosting a holiday iggy contest, with Nitro for the winner!
12/30/19. Christmas party! Hosted by Susie, Flib and Sandy. We visited the bakery, the sled ride, did a couple stamps. Had a fashion contest, played “Find the Picture” and had a blast!
4/3/20. Quarantine event! Everyone was in quarantine so Kid and Ev decided to have a UK/Ausia Friendly event. Ev ended up not able to show up, so Kate and zippy filled in to help lead. We had one of the best turnouts to date. All the group stamps were completed easily as well as multiple igloo raids which also went very fast due to the large amount of users!
Fair stamp event hosted by Mem (10/3/20)
Halloween event hosted by Asad and Mem (11/11/20)
Christmas stamp event hosted by Mobio and Jo (12/23/20)

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