Waddle on (for realz)

Hey all,

zippy here. I am the creator and owner of this website since its inception in 2017, about 3 weeks after the launch of Club Penguin Rewritten.

Since Club Penguin Rewritten has effectively shut down and is currently undergoing an investigation, it is safe to say that this website will no longer be active nor have any purpose going forward.

Nothing lasts forever as they say and it was fun while it lasted. As of this writing, CPR Cheats has gained just about 3 million views from all over the world! Thank you all one last time for visiting this website whether you’ve followed us for years or just now found us. A big thank you to my authors as well for maintaining the website until this point. This would have not been possible without the support from them and you all. And finally, to CPR because without it this site would have never existed.

As for the future, this website will remain as is for now and will standalone as an archive to relive any point in CPR’s history.

First day of public release

Club Penguin will always live in our hearts. No server can or ever will replace that nostalgic feeling. It was a lot of fun, but now it is time to simply move on. Thanks for the memories!

(P.S. I do not play any CPPS’ anymore. I hadn’t actively played for over a year. So if you happen to see anyone with my name in any server it is NOT me)


Author: zippy

I created CPRCheats.com three weeks after CP Rewritten's launch. I usually log on to Zipline whenever I come online.

2 thoughts on “Waddle on (for realz)”

  1. Hey Zippy! Lego here, I’m sure you remember me(check my articles on here!), it was really fun joining your little team and helping grow this place from nothing, but when I came back a year ago I was absolutely surprised to see how big this place became, on discord as well. You’ve all done an incredible work to come from so far and I’m really thankful to have been part of this journey. It’s a real shame CPR ended as well, but our memories will live forever! Waddle on!


    1. Hey Lego~ I definitely do remember you!
      Thanks for contributions back in the day when we were just getting started. It’s good to see that you’re still around. Hope you’ve been well buddy!


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