April Penguin Style Secrets and Catching Waves Catalog

Hello penguins, Erin here! The Card Jitsu Party has come and gone and when one goes another one is around the corner. The Hollywood party will be making an appearance sometime this month and a new penguin style catalog has dropped to help you all look your very best to walk down the red carpet! Without taking too much time, let’s jump into all the secrets hidden in this month’s catalog.

Not only is there a new clothing catalog, but the Catching Waves catalog has made a return as well. For those who don’t know there is one secret board you can obtain through this catalog.

That is all for now! I don’t know about you but I am beyond excited for this party. We will be seeing plenty of mascots make an appearance, Dot being one confirmed. Rory will also be visiting during the construction with no scheduled visits, so if you want to be alerted to when he or any other mascots appear join our Discord server for live tracking. We also host fun events and movie nights from time to time so make sure you check it out!

Thanks for reading, Waddle on!

-CPR Cheats Team

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