New Custom items and game into the works!

Hello hello, there you little penguins! It’s your lass Ria, with a small informatory post! As it’s been seen on CPR’s Twitter, the Staff have recently started working the Pufflescape into HTML5! Do you remember the game at all?

The game is located normally at the Pet Shop and its purpose was to gather all O’Berries in each level and make your puffle escape a type of maze-room!

On another note, again based on the game’s posts on Twitter, we can expect soon, some very buzzzzzy custom items! They’re created by @Lovebacon56CP & @NotNotRogerDan on Twitter! Take a look!

The screenshot is taken from CPR’s account on Twitter for non-tweet users ♥

Of course, there’s no information about the debut of the items, but it makes sense to see them in April or on the upcoming Earth day! Stay tuned and excited for more!

That’s where I’ll have to end this post! Keep tuned with us and the game on our Discord server and let’s all patiently await Sensei’s visit! (It’s been some time old man, how bad is that traffic anyway?)

Until you listen to bees buzzing, waddle on!

– CPR Cheats Team

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