Hello hello there everybody! It’s Ria again and today the post is about the long-awaited CARD JITSU PARTYYYYYY!! We’re gonna see through the rooms together and discover what’s else to enjoy!

Let’s take a quick look around the island and see how it’s divided!

The fonts on the buildings are truly amazing!!
Join me for some hot matcha tea at the Coffee Shop!
Visit Nightclub to show off your dance moves but in ninja style!
Moving on next with the Dock, we can all say things are pretty heated here… And that gate over there? Looks suspicious….
The weather forecast today is, sunny Beach and lava, wear your sunscreen!
Moving on with the Ski Village, you’ll definitely need a sweater and some boots.
Hands down the best Mountain area we ever had!!
Leaving from the Mountain and going from the opposite side, Snow Forts are looking quite cherr-ish!
The Plaza appears to be water themed and that means we’re onto water grounds.
Of course, there’s a new play at The Stage and a new catalogue too! The play is called ”Secrets of the Bamboo Forest”
Here are its secrets.
If you’re into it, you can go to the Pizza Parlor for some sushi pizza!
Moving at the direction of our right fin, we see the Forest completely transformed!
By entering that gate, both from the Forrest and Dock too, you’ll gain access to Ninja Headquarters! All three elements are here with some lovely spots to sit.
Before we leave the central area of the island, let’s take a quick look at the Cove! Sakura theme goes onwards here, with the binoculars working (just plain sea, I tell ya) and a huge fishie fishie on the bottom right of the lake.
Last but not least, THE DOJO’S COUNTRYARD! Some wonderful floating butterflies have been added and we also have a brand new party catalogue & the cards addition on bottom right.
That’s what it looks like for the ones that have already reached the black belt in Dojo.
The party’s catalogue, featuring a custom made item, the hot sauce costume by August Renders.
Dojo inside is something like this! Go earn some belts!!
In addition to that, you can reset your ninja progress if you want to! In return, you will receive 10,000 coins. This can only happen once every year for now, as the Staff stated but it can be changed if decided upon.
Let’s not forget the room at the left door at Dojo’s Entrance, the Ninja Hideout, which is available only after if you’ve beaten Sensei.
You’ll find that Martial Artworks is back with both clothing and furniture items.

That’s so far the recap for this party! I hope you’ll all enjoy it! Be sure to join our Discord server if you haven’t done so already, for some Sensei tracking whenever he starts visiting the island! You can also share your thoughts with us and get to know us!

Until you get your black belt and meet again, waddle on!

– CPR Cheats Team

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