Puffle Party Walkthrough!

Hello penguins, Erin here! The long awaited puffle party is finally here, including the return of your beloved puffles! There is so much to this party, so grab your favourite furry friend and let’s explore the Puffle Party 2022!

So let’s start with the most prominent feature of the party, the return of puffles! Head to the Pet Shop to adopt your new friend. Along with that, the catalog has returned to purchase treats and toys for your pet!

You can adopt up to 18 puffles!

Once you choose your puffle, you can explore the island! If you head to the town you are able to grab yourself a free Polka Dot Puffle Hat!

Continue along to the Beach to obtain another free item, the Lavender Bunny Ears!

While at the Beach, you will notice that the beloved Box Dimension has made a return! Just walk in and enjoy it in all it’s boxy glory!

Not only has the Box Dimension returned, the Hidden Dojo Room has also made a reappearance! To access it all you have to do is head into the dojo and click on the open wall panel.

The door will lead you to the pathway heading to Serene Springs which will arrive later in the party!

Now, it wouldn’t be a CPR party if transformations weren’t included! For this transformation, head on over to the Ski Village and into the Ski Lodge.

Walk into the elevator to head up to the Puffle Play Zone. Once you are there, walk down and sit in one of the two chairs for the ability to transform into a random puffle!

Finally, there are daily items you can unlock throughout the party. All you have to do is click the backpack icon on the top right corner of your screen to access the items. Be sure to collect them when they’re available!

That’s it for now for this party! There is so much to see and do on the island and there will be more updates throughout the duration of the party so make sure to log in every day. I hope to see you all walking around with your puffles!

Puffle Handler has also been confirmed to arrive at some point with some scheduled visits, so make sure you are in our Discord server to be notified when the schedule has been released and for live tracking! We have also recently hit 10,000 members and we have big plans to celebrate so you don’t want to miss out!

Enjoy the amazing party and waddle on!

-CPR Cheats Team

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