CPR’s 5th Anniversary Party Walkthrough

Hello, beautiful penguins! Ev here! Happy birthday to Club Penguin Rewritten! The 5th Anniversary Party has just released, and it is definitely a unique experience you would want to see yourself! Every room is dedicated to the most iconic parties throughout the years. As you waddle yourself through every room, you are always hit with some nostalgia! If you would like to know more about the party, continue on reading!

In every anniversary party, we are gifted with a wonderful party hat to admire. You can get the party hat by going to the Coffee Shop. Waddle yourself towards the anniversary cake and admire its beautiful color palette! As soon as you walk into the cake, you have the opportunity to get a new background! Click on the photo backdrop to stand in front of the camera, and say “cheese!” while clicking the camera.

Head on over to the next layer of cake to receive more backgrounds by performing the same concept. Each layer of cake is dedicated to every CPR anniversary party, and I love how they display all of the party hats in each layer!

As soon you reach to the top, party your way through the other side of the cake to a blue box wrapped with an orange bow. This is where you will get the 5th anniversary party hat!

Next thing to cover are all of the free items you can get in this party! If you head to the Beach, you can get yourself a free Heavy Hat!

The next item is located in a leprechauns home that can be accessed through the Forest. Get yourself an accordion!

Anniversary parties are the ONLY parties you can tip the iceberg. If you want to tip the iceberg quickly, I advise you to go to a populated server (Blizzard). Go to the iceberg and start drilling! As soon as the iceberg tips, you are encountered with a cool dance floor and a pile of Pink Iceberg Tipper hats!

And finally, do not forget to check out the 5th Anniversary Item Giveaways. A new item unlocks each day, so be sure to log on everyday to obtain it! You can access this catalog by clicking on the icon with the sparkly bow and balloons (right corner).

And that wraps up the entire party walkthrough! I seriously love how unique this party is. It is amazing how we are able to revisit many iconic parties throughout the years!

It amazes me how Club Penguin Rewritten has been around for 5 years. Without this game, we would not be here. 11 million players revisiting their childhood memories and we admire every second of it. Our community has grown so much over the years, and I cannot wait to see it grow even more.

A HUGE THANKS to stu, Thorn, Gravix and other developers for keeping this game alive! Thank you to our lovely moderators for ensuring that CPR stays safe! Thank you to Kidguin, Zoey, Honey, Moo, Oak, Stevie, Fire, Papi Johns, Peyton, Rye, and Rogerdan! And thank you to our lovely artists, Bacon, Moo, and Sage, for making beautiful creations for the game!

FOUR mascots have been confirmed to visit during the 5th Anniversary Party. Keep an eye out for Aunt Arctic, Gary, Rookie, and Cadence! If you would like to get the chance to meet them, join our lovely Discord and experience live mascot tracking by our lovely moderators!

I hope you all enjoy the party! And thanks for reading!

– CPR Cheats Team

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