Pirate Party Walkthrough + New Pin!

ARRRR! Hello pirate penguins! Ev here! The Pirate Party is finally here! There are lots to cover in this party, so wear your favorite pirate hat and prepare your swords because it is time to DUEL! Keep reading to find out more!

Let’s first locate where the new pin is. The new pin is located at the Beach.

Soooo cute!

Now let’s cover what the entire party is all about! As soon as you log on to the game, you are greeted by not only Rockhopper, but you are also greeted by Shellbeard!

After Shellbeard robs you and your coins, you are given a task to duel the crabs that are scattered around the island. On the top right corner, look for the map icon. Once you click it, the “Take Down Shellbeard” menu will pop up.

This menu directs you to every treasure chest in the island that gives you the ability to duel the crabs. Keep in mind that you would need to come back different days to duel more crabs for the other chests. It also shows you the concept of how the dueling works (it is basically like rock, papers, scissors).

As soon as you arrive to the first chest of the day (located in Ski Village), you will appear in a room that looks like this.

After you defeated all of the crabs, you are rewarded with not only some coins, but two cool items that automatically goes into your inventory. (See “Take Down Shellbeard” image for reference)

Dueling random penguins around the island is another great feature to the party! Collect the wooden sword from the “Take Down Shellbeard” page, and press “D” to start or join a duel! These are the different swords you are able to unlock as soon as you reach the certain amount of points.

Fighting Ninja for my next paycheck

After every duel, the winner gets +20 points while the other opponent receives +10 points. I really like how although you lose any duel, you are still able to gain some points!

As soon as you reach 200 points, collect the final sword from your inventory and admire the unique special move.


And that wraps up the blog post! I really admire the detail put into this party, and I seriously cannot wait to meet the new mascot, Shellbeard! He is now a meetable character for this party, and you are able to meet him by joining our lovely Discord! Our lovely moderators will prepare themselves for some speedy tracking as soon as he logs on.

Thank you all for reading this post, and I hope you all are enjoying the party!

Waddle on!

– CPR Cheats Team

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