2021 Advent Calendar – Day 11 & 12 – Igloo Catalogue mystery gift REVEALED

Greetings to all my little penguins resting at this awesome festive season! I hope everyone is doing well, enjoying their time with their families and loved ones. To my lil friends that are alone this year, I’m sending a huge hug and many warm regards! Today we’re seeing yesterday’s and today’s final items in the Advent Calendar!

The item for the 11th day is a wearable one, a lovely snowglobe!

Snowglobe suit!
And here’s a suggesting outfit you can do with it! I’m into baldness these days ok!!?

The last item we got it’s FINALLY a new lovely penguin colour, many of you have kindly asked to see it in the game! Bubblegum pink colour it is!

Y’all ready to look like cotton candy?
That’s how it looks on my penguin! Sorry for not making an outfit matching the colour! You can show me your inspirations with the latest items and voice your opinions about them this year on our server!

Let’s not forget, as today’s Christmas, to go in the Igloo Catalogue, pg 11 and claim your mystery gift! Remember that huge green gift being in there? There’s no more!

Hello, remember me?
(bless all the people that helped me find the image)

All of the above sum up the posts about Advent Calendar items. As Ria, I wanna wish you all to have fun these days, GET SOME REST(!!!) and make some good memories! Rockhopper has also made some appearances already, so if you don’t wanna miss him you can join our lovely Discord for live tracking but us mods, get to meet new friends and socialize!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

-CPR Cheats Team

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