Holiday Party 2021 Update – Holiday Catalog + New Pin!

Hello you beautiful, festive penguins! It’s Ev! I hope you guys are enjoying the Holiday Party as much as I am. It’s been getting me into the festive spirit! CPR has released a new update where a new pin is hidden, as well as a new party catalog with secrets! Keep reading to find out more!

The new pin is hidden at the Pizza Parlor. Waddle yourself over to the oven and enjoy the delicious smell of gingerbread baking!

Another thing I want to cover from the update is the new party catalog. If you head over to the Gift Shop, you will find a present icon on the bottom right of your screen. This is access to the new party catalog!

And here are the hidden items!

Don’t forget to obtain the second community goal prize from the Coins for Change!

Last thing I want to cover is something very… mysterious. Looks like we’re about to gain some more company soon… Head on over to the Beacon and look through the telescope yourself!

And that wraps up the entire update! This party has been so wonderful, and it is always a great way to end the year. I seriously appreciate the CPR staff for being so dedicated to keep this game running, especially for a few years. I also appreciate their hard work on fitting in mascots to visit in every party that occurs. Speaking of mascots, Rockhopper is expected to arrive to the island VERY soon! If you would like to meet Rockhopper, join our Discord where you get to experience some speedy, live mascot tracking from our lovely Moderators.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Holidays! Stay safe, penguins!

– CPR Cheats Team

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