Holiday Party 2021 + New Code!

Hello penguins, Erin here! The long-awaited Holiday Party has dropped and the island is looking as festive as ever! Bundle up and get your hot cocoa ready as we’re about to dive into this massive update!

First of all, a new code has been dropped to kick off the celebration! The code is: HAPPYHOLIDAYS

Next up are two backgrounds you can receive! The first you can get by sitting in the big green chair in the Ski Lodge and clicking on the camera!

The next one is obtainable in the same manner. Head to the Book Room to get this one!

Transformations have made a return in this party as well! Head over to the Mine Shack and into Santa’s Workshop. While in the workshop click the cookie jar on the left side of the room and you’ll have three different transformations to choose from!

After you eat a cookie and transform, you will receive the Holiday Cookies pin!

Now, what would the holiday party be if Coins for Change wasn’t involved! Head over to any donation station, click on one of the three charities and choose the amount you would like to donate.

Donating to Coins for Change will also allow you to obtain the Volunteer, Top Volunteer, and Epic Volunteer stamps. Along with the stamps, you will receive a CFC pin and items will be unlocked depending on how much the community raises, so get donating!

Next up, everyone’s favourite pirate has returned! Head over to the Beach to board Rockhopper’s ship. Head down to the ship hold and click the paper on the bottom right of your screen to be able to purchase Rockhopper’s Rare Items!

If you head over to the Captain’s Quarters, you will have the opportunity to play Treasure Hunt with a friend and earn some stamps!

If you head over to the Plaza, you will notice a new play going on at the Stage! If you head on in you will be able to click the costume trunk and be able to purchase different costumes!

Finally, if you head over to the Train Station Entrance (head to the Snow Forts and follow the path) you will notice the tracks leading to the tunnel aren’t blocked off anymore. Head right into the tunnel and you will be able to take a lovely festive train ride!

Oh! There’s a new spot at the dock added! It leads to a Frozen part of the Docks!!

Be sure to click on the canon up left for a pleasant, freezy surprise!!

There is already so much to do and that’s not even all! Santa’s sleigh will be arriving very soon along with a party catalogue and a new pin so stay tuned!

Rockhopper has also been confirmed to visit during this party and if you want to be updated on when he’s on and his whereabouts join our Discord server! We also have an igloo and fashion contest going on right now so all the more reasons to join! I hope you all enjoy this party, I know I will!

-CPR Cheats Team

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