2021 Festival of Lights + New Pin + New Code!

Hello, beautiful penguins! Ev here! The Festival of Lights party is now LIVE! As an eclipse takes place, we are welcomed with a variety of lights planted around the island. Put on your jetpacks or find your nearest hot air balloon, because we are about to travel to the tallest mountain to see the beautiful eclipse! Keep reading to find out more about the party!

CPR has released a new code in honor of the Festival of Lights party! The code is: NEONGLASSES

Next thing I want to cover is where the new pin is located! It is the Picnic Bundle pin at the Welcome Room! (The Welcome Room is located at the bottom of Town and Plaza)

In this party, you are able to obtain the Mountaineer stamp. To get it, you must ride the hot air balloon to the Tallest Mountain. Go to Forest and hop on the hot air balloon.

As you wait, enjoy the beautiful Night Wonder music…

Exit the hot air balloon, and you should automatically receive the Mountaineer Stamp!

Head on over to the far bottom right corner to obtain a cool lighthouse costume!

And that wraps up the party! What I love most about this party is the beautiful soundtrack! Sitting in Town while listening to the background music is so therapeutic. I also love the Lighthouse costume! I can see it becoming a big meme like the Boiler Costume!

Gary is confirmed to visit this party, so join our Discord to experience our live tracking from our speedy moderators! Hope you all enjoy this party, and have a lovely day/night!

– CPR Cheats Team

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