November 2021 Igloo Catalog Secrets

Hey there everyone, Zoey here! It’s time to get your igloo decorating hats on again as the new igloo catalog has been released (featuring the big bear which we have all been excited to see!). Be sure to also check out Rockhopper’s Daily Treasure, as some new items have been added!

As always, there are lots of secrets, so keep reading to find out!

I’d also like to thank Ria for helping me out with the secrets for this post!

Be sure to check out the igloo upgrades catalog for four new igloos!

That’s everything for today’s update! I hope you all enjoy decorating your igloos with all of this furniture, especially the Big Bear! This is a custom item for CPR (how cool!).

If you want to be notified of in-game updates such as this or get live mascot tracking , feel free to join our Discord server! We host events for all those stamp hunters out there and have a lovely little community, we’d love to have you there!

Until next time, penguins! Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team

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