November 2021 Penguin Style Secrets

Hello, stylish penguins! A new clothing catalog has released, and there are lots of cute secret items to share! Keep reading to find out what those secrets are!

Let’s jump straight into the “Wigs! For Everyone!” page. I would like to clarify that I am only displaying the hidden items that are NEW to this page. Check out the other hidden hair items from the previous catalogs.

And here are the rest of the secret items from every page!

And that wraps up all of the secrets! If you would like to get closer with the community and experience live mascot tracking, join our lovely Discord where you can meet our beautiful 8.7k penguins! Thanks for reading, and waddle on!

-CPR Cheats Team

5 thoughts on “November 2021 Penguin Style Secrets”

  1. Missed some on the first page 🙂

    Exclamation point in “WIGS!”
    Right eye on left page penguin
    Eyes on the pink mohawk penguin
    Bow in hair on the middle right penguin


    1. Hi there! As stated, I only wanted to showcase the hidden hair items that have been updated in this page. The ones you listed are from previous catalogs. (:


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