Halloween Party Update: Candy Ghost Hunt Guide + New Halloween Catalog Secrets + New Code!

If there’s something strange
in your neighborhood
Who you gonnna call?
Ghostbusters! (but penguin)

Hello, spooky penguins! It’s Ev! CPR has released an update for the Halloween Party! Prepare yourself and gather some ghost-hunting equipment because we are about to catch these ghosts lingering around the island! There are also some secrets hidden in the Halloween catalog! But first, let’s check out the new code we received. Keep reading to find out more!

The new code that just been released is: LIVINGSLED
Check out the cool items you receive!

Now let’s jump into our ghost hunt! Throughout the island, there are random piles of candy where the ghosts reside. Let’s go through each given hint and the location there are in. Click on the candy piles for the ghosts to appear.

First hint: Search near sand and stories where they are told (Cove)

Second hint: Watch for where you are being chased (Corn Maze)

Third hint: Welcome all the ghosts and give them a tour (Welcome Room)

Fourth hint: Under the island is certainly the creepiest (Cave Mine)

Fifth hint: Seek out a snowy slope (Ski Hill)

Sixth hint: Before you travel to the mansion, watch your side (Forest)

Seventh hint: Look toward a tower of light (Beach)

Eighth hint: Pumpkins are on the rise, is that all? (Dock)

After you capture all of the ghosts, you get a special background!

Finally, here are the catalog secrets!

And that wraps up the entire update! Thank you to all who have read through the entire guide. The ghost hunt is such a cute update as I genuinely enjoy doing scavenger hunts! HUGE shoutout to my lovely moderator, Star, who provided all of the necessary screenshots for this blog post (love you bunches).

If you would like to get close with our community and possibly meet Herbert with our live tracking, waddle on over to our Discord. And for those who are trick-or-treating this weekend, PLEASE stay stafe. Enjoy your Halloween. Waddle on!

– CPR Cheats Team

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