Halloween Party 2021 Walkthrough + New Pin + New Room!

Hey there everyone, Zoey here! CPR have just released an INCREDIBLE party which I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for… the Halloween party!

There are a LOT of items and features to enjoy during this party, so grab your flashlights to tackle this year’s maze and be sure to dress up in your spoOoOoOoky outfits! It might be worth bringing some garlic along too…

Let’s jump right into it! Firstly, you’ll be greeted by Gary, who has been testing some recent inventions. This will then lead you to the Mine Shack, where you will need to head to the corn maze to snatch a key from Herbert!

To find Herbert as soon as you enter the maze, waddle left and up. You will bump into him and you can grab the key. Once you’ve grabbed his key, RUN! It is important to note that the arrows in this maze can be very misleading…

Here’s the route to follow to successfully escape with Herbert’s key! Completing this maze will also reward you with the “Path Finder” stamp!

1. Once you have Herbert’s key, walk back the way you came and head towards the first pumpkin which is next to a green candy patch.

2. Continue past this pumpkin and then travel upwards, ignoring the arrow (this leads to a dead end) and turning left at the pumpkin in the corner. 

3. Follow this pathway and turn left at the acid-vomit pumpkin and again, ignoring the arrows, continue straight on until you reach klutzy working hard

4. Travel past the arrow that is pointing right and walk past klutzy. 

5. When you see the scarecrow, move upwards (north) and make a sharp left followed by a quick right turn. You will need to be quick here, as Herbert is known to push his way past the corn! 

6. You will see the finish banner, WOOHOO! Walk towards this banner.

Gary will congratulate you for escaping with the key, if you click “Go There” it will take you into the Mine.

Clicking on these coffins will trigger your transformation into a vampire! There are 3 possible vampire outfits… be sure to repeat the transformations and for each one Dance or Wave to perform some unique actions!

Now you are a vampire, you can safely enter the corn maze and will scare Herbert away! Feel free to explore the maze without Herbert chasing you or head to the Finish banner again to enter the Maze Victory room!

In this room there is a Halloween Lei:

And an incredible Corn Maze background! For this, you will need to stand on the small cross and click on the camera!

Thanks to one of the amazing CPR Artists, Moo, for their awesome work! Their twitter can be found here: @DegarmooCPR

Now, if we head back to the Mine Shack and into the Haunted Mansion, there’s a free Ghost Costume to collect at the top of the stairs!

At the plaza, there are some free Purple Bat Wings to collect!

At the bottom right corner of your screen, there is a Halloween Catalog where you can purchase all sorts of Halloween themed clothing, with some incredible custom items! Be sure to check out the animations of these items too…

When the ghost hunting feature has been added to the game, there will be a follow-up blog post with a walkthrough!

Be sure to head to Gary’s Lair, located at the Boiler Room, where in the bottom right corner there will be a Monster Maker catalog!

There’s also a new pin, if you head to the Underground Slime Pool, there is a UFO pin available!

Last but certainly not least, is the new Welcome Room! This is a very exciting new addition to CPR and is decorated perfectly for the halloween party. It can be found at the bottom of the Town and at the bottom right corner of the plaza, be sure to check it out!

Phew, what a party! Like I said, be sure to check out the animations for ALL the vampire transformations as well the custom items available in the Halloween catalog, they are so much fun! Good luck escaping Herbert and have a blast on the island!

Expect some mascot visits during this iconic party and if you want live mascot tracking, regular game updates and some fun Fashion and Igloo Contests, join our Discord server, we’d love to have you there!

See you next time! Waddle on!

-CPR Cheats Team

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