October 2021 Igloo Catalog Secrets

Hellooooo party penguins, Kidguin here! It’s about that time again…fall is upon us, which means…Halloween! Ghosts! All-around spookiness! Pumpkin spice (if you’re into that kind of thing)!

The October igloo catalogs have just dropped, so start racking up your coins and getting these decorations!

As always, keep on reading to find out more:

There are a lot of secrets in the furniture catalog; take your time to look through them all and start coming up with some creative themes!

Make sure you check out the Igloo Upgrades catalog for two new Halloween igloos, as well!

While you’re at it, you can also check out some new spooky music that has been added for the igloos.

That’s about it for today’s update – if you’re like me and enjoy spending thousands of coins on ten or more of each item, you better start saving!

Don’t forget to go ahead and join our Discord for live mascot tracking updates and to be notified of more posts like this one! Or, you know, you could just join for the nice little community we have in there. :’)

Until next time! Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team

Author: Kidguin

Moderator of CPR Cheats

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