Fair 2021 Update + New Pin!

Hello, beautiful penguins! It’s Ev! CPR has released an update on the Fair party with new stuff to check out. They also released a new pin, hidden somewhere in the island! Continue reading for the full post!

Let’s jump straight into where the new pin is located. Head on over to the Mine Shack and waddle yourself to the top right corner. The pin is the candy apple!

This update added 3 new mystery items, making it 9 mystery items you can obtain!

I need to step up on my mystery prize grind, I know :’)

Another thing I wanted to mention is that the cost of getting a golden ticket has been reduced to 2500 tickets!

This update also added a new game room you can access! Go to Forest, and waddle yourself to the right side to enter the Bonus Game room!

In the Bonus Game Room are more fair games to play and a new prize booth! The new games are: Feed-A-Puffle and Puffle Soaker

I love the teeny tiny hat!

Although this part is not super relevant to the Fair, I wanted to share on how the Boiler Room has a decoration! It really makes the space more lively!

That wraps up everything in this update! Thank you all for reading through! If you would like to get close with the community and experience live tracking from our lovely staff, (Rookie is confirmed to log on by the way!) then head on over to our Discord!

Have a beautiful day and waddle on!

– CPR Cheats Team

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