The Fair 2021 Walkthrough

Hiya Penguins, Ninja here!

It’s time for one of the best parties of the year, The Fair!

This years fair comes loaded with some new items, rooms and many other things. For the full walkthrough click continue reading!

When you first log in, you will receive a golden ticket! These as you may know are very handy.

You will receive one every day, so be sure to login everyday and claim your free golden ticket! To claim your prize with your golden ticket. Click “Let’s Go”, or the room can be accessed by the dock.

There’s a lot going on in this room! First to claim your golden ticket, go to the left booth, spin to win! Spin to win has great prizes, but best of all are the Mystery Prizes that you will receive if you land on a gift box.

You can see how many Mystery Gifts are available by clicking the golden ticket on the top right of your screen.

So make sure you get those golden tickets!

Next let’s find out where you can win tickets, both regular and golden!

There are currently only 5 booths to win tickets at. You can find them in the Game Room (room shown above) or the Forest.

The 5 Games to win tickets are: Puffle Shuffle, Puffle Paddle, Memory Card Game, Spin to Win, and Ring the Bell.

I would recommend playing these games each and finding out what works best for you. For a full walkthrough on how to get tickets, golden tickets and mystery items fast click this link:

At the forest there is also a booth where you can spend your regular tickets. There are a lot of cool items this year, so be sure to grind those tickets!

As stated there are more items to come, which might replace these items, so be sure to get these items while you can!

Free Items/Pin & Background:

There are also a good amount of free items around the island! First head to the town to collect the blue propeller cap!

Next, head to the ski village for the “Step Right Up” background.

Stand on the podium and click the camera to receive it.

While at the ski village, waddle to the Ski Lodge and collect your cute Teddy Bear Pin!

Lastly, head to the Snow Forts and walk into the room just above it where the arrow is pointing.

Here you can collect two box items, one for your body and one for your feet!

Walk through that tube, it’s pretty trippy.

There are a lot of new rooms to explore with this new party! I encourage you to go visit them and admire the great artwork! If you ever get lost, reference this great map made by another CPR user.

Thanks Discord user Agentfrog1#3004 for this great map!

And that’s all for today! Rookie will be appearing during this party so be sure to join our discord, and be on the lookout for my posts later today about gaining tickets fast!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team

Author: LσяdNιиja

Here to help with all your CPR needs! You will usually find me on the server Sleet. Join our discord at

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