How to get Tickets, Golden Tickets, AND Mystery Items FAST!

Hiya Penguins! Ninja here again with a quick but hopefully very effective walkthrough on how to get tickets, golden tickets, and Mystery Items as fast as possible.

I’ll go through them all one by one with a section for each one. Click continue reading for the full walkthrough!


Tickets are mostly subjective to each individual. Since there are not a lot of games I recommend you try three games (Puffle Paddle, Memory, Puffle Shuffle) and find which one you think you’re the best at. 

If you’re good at memory I suggest you try the memory card game, or puffle shuffle, as they both require good memory. 

If you’re good at hand eye coordination, I suggest you try puffle paddle or puffle shuffle. 

Find which game you’re best at out of those three (Puffle shuffle, Puffle Paddle, and Memory Card), then time yourself for 5 minutes straight just playing that game over and over again, as many times as you can in that 5 minutes. Then do the same thing with Ring the Bell. Record how many tickets you get during each of those 5 minutes. 

After you’ve done this, compare and see how many tickets you’ve received for each. For me, my best game is puffle paddle. In 5 minutes I was able to receive 1,063 tickets, versus my 5 minutes in Ring the bell where I only received 925. 

This may be different for each person, I feel for me I’m not able to click correctly on ring the bell perfectly each time and I waste a couple seconds, while when I play Puffle Paddle, I pretty much get a ticket or more every second. 

Like I said earlier, tickets are very subjective and you need to find out what works for you, and this is the best way I see possible. A possible better way is doing multiple 5 minute increments of games to get a better average of your tickets per 5 minutes. 

Golden Tickets 

Golden Tickets are a little more easier. For the past couple years of the fair including this year, it seems that the golden tickets are cooldown based. Meaning once you receive one there is a cooldown until you can get another one. 

After experimenting, this cooldown seems to be roughly between 4-5 minutes. So what a lot of people do, and what I recommend you do is just spam Ring the Bell a bunch, as you’re more apt to receive golden tickets after playing a game and Ring the Bell doesn’t take very long to play at all. 

If you’re in the middle of grinding for both tickets and golden tickets this is a great strategy. If you’re not as much in a rush, you can do what I did while making this very post. Set a timer for every 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes go play Ring the Bell, you will notice that it doesn’t take very long to receive one. On my four separate 5 minute tries, it took 8 games, 1 game,  1 game and 4 games. 

To try a faster version of this you can try and set your timer for 4 minutes and see if this works any faster than 5 minutes. 

So if you’re doing something else but have time to do a couple spins just set up your timer and play until you get a ticket! 

Also golden tickets can be bought for 5,000 regular tickets so if you are really in need of them, I would recommend grinding out which game you’re best at for those tickets as described in the Tickets section.

Mystery Items

The whole reason we want those golden tickets is to get those pesky Mystery Items, and there are some pretty sweet ones this year! However the arrow seems to never land on the gift box and we are always left wondering if there are ways to land on the mystery items more often. 

So, thanks to some help from some discord members, who I will shout out, we have discovered a glitch that seems to up the chances of gaining a mystery item. Here’s a description of how it works: 

And here’s a video demonstrating how it’s best done for all you visual learners!

Although this does seem to enhance the chances of getting mystery items, it will obviously not get them every time. I have tried this multiple times and it does seem to get me the items a good deal faster, however I did not receive one every single time. I recommend you try it at least a couple times to see if it works for you!

Huge shoutout too discord user Vib_E#5599 for discovering this glitch, and to user Nymphadorae#8819 for explaining it so well and the video!

That’s the great thing about our discord, it’s not just myself and the staff giving helpful hints, it’s everyone pitching in to help out the community. If you’re not apart of our discord with 8,000+ members I encourage you to do so! We track mascots up to the second, have get togethers, and all sorts of fun things.

That’s all for today, If you have any questions about anything talked about here, please feel free to comment below or ask us on discord, we want to help everyone get the best possible experience out of the fair!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team

Author: LσяdNιиja

Here to help with all your CPR needs! You will usually find me on the server Sleet. Join our discord at

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