Music Jam 2021 Walkthrough

Hello, party penguins! It’s Ev! Music Jam is finally here, and there are a few things to look into! Continue reading to find out more!

We’re going to jump right into the daily items you can obtain during this party! Go ahead and click this icon on the top right corner of your screen, and you’ll see a page of what Music Jam merchandise you can get everyday, a VIP pass to get into the cruise pool, and a quick access to the cruise ship.

Next thing I want to cover is getting yourself a Sunset Beach background! That can be obtained at the Snack Shack Backstage! To get there, you enter from Snow Forts.

As soon as you enter the establishment, waddle yourself forward from where you entered. You will end up in the Snack Shack Backstage where you’re able to enjoy some nice backstage action with yummy food! Click on the camera towards the left side of your screen, and say cheese!

Credit: Roybert the Mod

Another background you can get from this party is The Penguin Band background. All you have to do is fart toot in game! On your keyboard, press E and T.

Start gathering your instruments for a music jam at the Lighthouse because there are a few instruments you can obtain! To access the secrets items, hover your cursor over the word “Music”.

Last thing I want to cover is to show y’all the coolest hangout places on the island! In order to gain access to the Cruise Ship, you must have the VIP pass that can be obtained through the daily items page (from what I showed earlier in this post!)

Look! I made a friend (:

CPR has released some times for live concerts to meet the Penguin Band and Cadence, just log on at these times and head to the Cruise Ship for a live concert!

That wraps up everything that this party has to offer! I can’t wait to party with friends and mascots! Speaking of mascots, be sure to join our Discord for live mascot tracking. You wouldn’t want to miss any mascots like Penguin Band!

Thank you for reading, and as always
Waddle on!

-CPR Cheats Team

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