Juicy Updates Behind the Game (Ninja’s Edit)

Hello everyone! Ninja here!

Today stu, a CPR developer made a post about some of the exciting upcoming updates. I wanted to make a quick summary post about some of those updates and what I’m most excited for. Read more for the full post!

First off we get a little sneak peek at the Music Jam party, this has been pushed off due to one of the devs having to move irl, and has unfortunately pushed this back from July to sometime this month the team promised. But check out some of the daily items we can look forward to! I’m digging the new guitar!

The Adenture party which was planned to be after Music Jam has been pushed off due to the fact that the team really wants to do the Fair as it is a very engaging party and a very popular party that many people like to participate in, however the Adventure Party will still happen along with the old “Find the Barrel” minigame from past parties. Here is a sneak peek at looks for both upcoming parties:

Ngl, this boiler costume for the Fair slaps already and I haven’t even got it yet.

Next: Sled Racing! Sled racing is currently in development and by the sound of it, almost done! It looks to be just about the same as classic sled racing if not a little better! The team also said a leaderboard will be in the works for this game, but will probably not come out as soon as the actual game.

Looks like zippy playing sled racing, smh

10,000,000 Penguins! You read that right. Ten Million. That’s amazing and a huge milestone for CPR, the leadership has done a great job and deserve this milestone for sure. We are excited to celebrate with the community in this great mile marker. To celebrate the team will be releasing some old items from parties and catalogs as codes when then 10 millionth penguin is made.

Card Jitsu, Puffles, and Penguin Times. All these items are still currently in development and in creation for the HTML5 version of CP. Card Jitsu is a very complex minigame and takes a while to create, but the devs know it is an important game to the community and working on it. Same goes for puffles and the Penguin times, these are important, but currently on the backburner as other things like parties are at the forefront of their minds.

Pins! Pins will be coming back on a somewhat weekly basis, probably more of a bi-weekly thing. So all you pin-collectors can rejoice!

Party Development. Stu explains that party development is taking a while for understandable reasons, due to switching from flash to HTML5 they have to basically recode everything which is taking a while. In past years when it was still flash they could partially reuse things from old parties to develop them quicker. He mentions that in the future, like next year or so, that party development should go up since they have already coded these things for HTML5.

You heard it here first folks, this meteor has to do with either a Super Hero party or some sort of EPF Party.

And that’s my condensed version of the team’s latest post, lots of updates behind the scenes! If you would like to read the full post by stu, you can check it out here:


And if you would like to join our discord for updates and up to the second mascot tracking (which may be needed in the next couple days, stu mentions this in his post), be sure to join our discord with almost 8,000 members!


Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team

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Here to help with all your CPR needs! You will usually find me on the server Sleet. Join our discord at https://discord.gg/3x8467W

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