Prehistoric Party Walkthrough

Hey everyone, Kidguin here! Bit of a late post this time around due to work, but the Prehistoric Party has finally been released!

There are definitely a good amount of features to explore with this party. You know the drill: keep reading to find out more!

To enter the Prehistoric world, you’ll need to hop into the Time Trekker first. You can find the Time Trekker at the Snow Forts.

Once you’re in, it should look like this:

Waddle to the right, and you’ll end up in the first room: the Tree Palace!

Before we go further, it’s worth noting that this Prehistoric world has an entire navigable map. For your reference, I’ve labeled all of the rooms. Can’t risk getting lost where dinosaurs are roaming freely!

The main goal during this party is to collect all of the dinosaur eggs that are tucked away in various nooks and crannies in each of these locations.

Here is a list of the eggs and where they are located:

Big Water Palace – Blue Triceratops Egg
Dino Nests – Black T-Rex Egg
Hunting Spot – Red Pteronodon Egg, Red T-Rex Egg
Ptero Town – Brown/Grey Pteranodon Egg
Scary Ice – Yellow Pteranodon Egg
Tyranno Town – Green T-Rex Egg
Yuck Swamp – Black and Red Triceratops Egg
Tricera Town – Orange Triceratops Egg, Blue T-Rex Egg
Stony Town – Purple Triceratops Egg
Tree Palace – Blue Pteranodon Egg

In case you have trouble finding exactly where they’re tucked away, you can also refer to the following pictures:

In order from left to right (top row, then bottom row): Big Water Palace, Dino Nests, Hunting Spot, Hunting Spot, Ptero Town, Scary Ice
In order from left to right (top row, then bottom row): Tyranno Town, Yuck Swamp, Tricera Town, Tricera Town, Stony Town, Tree Palace

Once you collect all of the eggs, you can pick up a free clothing item as well as unlock a dinosaur transformation:


That’s not the end of it…don’t forget that there are furniture items you need to unlock as well!

You can obtain five different furniture prizes that are shown on the Prehistoric Party map by roaring in specific rooms.
Once you roar five times in each of these five rooms, you will unlock all of the prizes. The rooms you need to roar in are:
-Tree Palace
-Hunting Spot
-Scary Ice
-Tyranno Town
-Big Water Palace

Last but not least, there’s a small Prehistoric-themed clothing catalog that you can access in each of the rooms on the Prehistoric Party map! It’s located on the bottom right corner.

There are no secrets in this catalog.

Be sure to redeem the BETAHAT2021 code to pick up your Prehistoric Beta Hat while you’re at it! I know, I know, we all love clickbait.

Make sure to keep an eye out for Gary during this party as well, as he will be visiting the island! On that note, go ahead and join our Discord to be notified when he visits and stay up-to-date on all things CPR!

That’s about it for today’s update! As always, thanks for reading!

Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team

Author: Kidguin

Moderator of CPR Cheats

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