Introducing the Archives!

Hello, penguins!

It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? I hope everyone is doing well! Over the past few months I have been quite busy with life, working hard in school and now I’ve finally graduated university!

But, you might be wondering, what am I doing back here all of a sudden? The truth is, I haven’t forgotten about you all as I’ve been working on something for a while and today I’m extremely proud to finally introduce it to you all!

That special surprise I bring to you is the CP Rewritten Cheats Archive! This past year I have searched long and hard for many old pictures of CPR I took during the early days, and now I am very pleased to share almost all of these photos with the community. As most of you know, we have been around for a long time, so I always thought about creating a collection for archival purposes or just to look back on CPR’s history. Some of these photos are never-before-seen, while many have been shared already in previous posts on our site.

However, that’s not all! Included in the archives are many photos of CP Rewritten Cheats history as well, which includes every staff photo and pictures from our events through our Discord’s history beginning in January 2019. These memories and photos would not have been possible without my admin and partner LordNinja24, and our longtime moderators Kidguin, eveny, agent, Roybert, asad, Julz, mobio, Mem, Kate, jo as well as our former mods. While the Hall of Lawl is dedicated to funny moments within our Discord server, this archive serves as a memorial for past CPR events and our own history.

The archives page has now been published, so you can take a look at everything right here! As noted on the page, most images I could find are listed but I will update it as I find more images. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I did creating it! Here’s to many more memories to come!

Until next time,

-CPR Cheats Team

Author: zippy

I created three weeks after CP Rewritten's launch. I usually log on to Zipline whenever I come online.

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