Mountain Expedition 2021 Walkthrough + New Pin + New Code!

Hiya everyone, Mobio here! CPR have just released the highly anticipated Mountain Expedition party, with its previous appearance being in 2017, so get your hiking boots on, it’s time to climb up the Tallest Mountain! There are a few decorations around the island which you can explore, this guide will take you through the mountains and show you all the items and the Mountaineer stamp you can get from this party!
Theres also a new code to use: MOUNTAINPACK, to unlock some items for this expedition

The code ‘MOUNTAINPACK’ unlocks the following items for the mountain expedition!

If you start at the Ski Village and move up to the first part of the mountain, you’ll find the Chilly Trek Hat, which can be found at this supplies shack!

You’ll also find a few more items that can be part as part of a mini-catalogue in this room, in the bottom right hand corner:

Next up is the icicle room, where you’ll need to click on each of the 8 icicles to open this up and be able to climb higher up the mountain!

Keep waddling through the next room and then you’ll come across a room with an axe showing! This requires a little puzzle to get to the top of the mountain!

Firstly, Click on the axe on the left hand side and click it again when it has reached the tree stump, this will then start to chop down the tree stump.

Now you’ll need to throw snowballs at the dangling icicles above the big shard of ice that is stuck there! Once you have done this, the log will be thrown over the gap, and you can follow the arrows to get to the top of the mountain!

In this room there is also a secret room, behind the ice on the bottom right hand corner, there are no items here, click on the ice block to reveal a neat little hidden room that’s good to check out!

Once you’ve reached the top of the mountain, you’ll achieve the Mountaineer Stamp!

Credit to @CPRsupport on twitter for this screenshot!

There’s also the Red Flag item, the Picnic Basket pin and the Summit BG that can be collected at the top of the mountain!

To collect the background, you’ll need to click on the camera and waddle to the area at the very top of the mountain!

That’s about it for the Mountain Expedition Walkthrough! Don’t forget that Gary will be visiting throughout this event, to celebrate both the expedition and the releasing of the missions! Be sure to join our Discord to get live tracking updates of Gary’s whereabouts! I hope you all have fun exploring the mountains and wrap up warm, it can be chilly on the top of the mountain!

See you around the island!

-CPR Cheats Team

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