March 2021 Catalog Secrets, Noir Party Walkthrough + New Pin!

Hiya everyone! Mobio here with the Noir party walkthrough and the March catalog which contains the highly anticipated froggy hat and cardigans, custom CPR items! Continue reading to find all the items from the party and the hidden secrets in this month’s catalog.

Let’s get straight to the hidden secrets in the catalog, because there is a LOT of them!

Remember to click on and off the Viking Helmet window to unlock the BLUE VIKING HELMET!
Personally this honey bee cardigan is my favourite item and the cardigans are neck items, so can be layered with other body items!

Don’t forget to grab this catalog’s item of the month too, as it won’t be returning in the future!

Onto the Noir party walkthrough, there are a lot of fabulous rooms to help get you in the spirit of dressing up and playing with fellow penguins. There are 3 great items to grab here!

Firstly is the new pin, it’s a magnifying glass that can be found at the dock!

Secondly is a new hand item, the candy pizza slice! This can be found in the pizza parlour at the top of the staircase.

Last but not least is the MugShot background, it can be found at the stage by clicking on the camera.

That’s it for the latest CPR update, hope you all enjoy the Noir party. Rumour has it that Dot and JPG will be making visits for this party! So be sure to join our Discord for mascot tracking, updates on the party and to hang out with other penguins, we’d love to have you! Thanks for reading, see you for the next update!

-CPR Cheats Team

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