Submarine Party Walkthrough 2021 + New Pin!

Hello, beautiful penguins! It’s Ev! CPR has greeted us with a cool party! It has many beautiful rooms to explore and new items to obtain. Continue reading for the full post!

I would like to first cover where the new pin is located! The new pin is located at the Cove. It is an anchor that is printed on top of a rock!

The Submarine Party has four new clothing items you can grab for your penguin! Here are the items you can obtain.

Grab yourself a Life Vest and start swimming! You can pick it up from the Beach!

Join your friends in a snorkeling session by grabbing yourself a Yellow Snorkel that can be obtained at the Forest!

And don’t forget to add a beautiful Seashell Belt to your new look! It can be found at the Book Room!

Grab a Miner’s Helmet and start drilling! You can get this item from the Iceberg! (It can also be found in the Cave Mine)

That seems to cover everything you are able to get from this party! Be sure to explore every single room because each room DEFINITELY holds a unique experience! Also, it has been suspected that Rockhopper may visit the Submarine Party after encountering an iceberg accident with the Migrator!

Assuming Rockhopper is going to visit, keep an eye out for him, and be sure to join our Discord for fast mascot tracking and to stay close with our amazing community!

Thanks for reading! I hope you all enjoy the Submarine Party! Until next time!

-CPR Cheats Team

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