Holiday Party 2020 Walkthrough

Hey everyone! Happy Holidays!

The Holiday Party is finally here! From cool new items to Rockhopper’s ship docked at the beach, I believe this party is going to be great! Let’s dive in to see what is going on for this year’s party.

Let’s start out with the Coins for Change this year! Walk up to a Coins for Change pot, and choose where you would like to donate. Also, we can see the rewards we can collect for giving as a community. Be sure to keep checking back for new rewards that we collectively earn from donating!

If you are able to give 10,000 coins, you will receive three stamps! As well as a new pin!

For this year’s Holiday Party, CPR has released a few cool new items, as well as some that have made their comeback. If you head on over to Town, Snow Forts, or Plaza, you will see a blue and green wrapped present on the bottom right corner of your game. Once you click on it, you will encounter the holiday party catalog!

After buying the cute holiday items, head on over to the Migrator. “Rockhopper’s Rare Items” include a theme of Coins for Change this year. Down below are the available secrets in Rockhopper’s catalog!

After a long day of shopping around, head on over to the Book Room to claim the Santa Seat background by clicking on the camera!

Say cheese!

After collecting the background, head on over to the Santa’s Workshop that is located upstairs from the Night Club (Arcade). It’s time for a cookie break! Go to the Bakery as you are about to collect two items. One is an apron and one is a gingerbread house igloo! These are the specific locations to pick up these items. For the gingerbread house, open the oven by clicking on the orange button so you are able to grab the item!

As soon as you are done baking delicious cookies, head up to the Sleigh Ride. You just need to drop 15 presents down chimneys and you will earn your prize. It is Santa’s Bag, which will appear in the top right.

Another cool thing about this party is how it has a holiday-themed secret room! You can enter the secret room through Town or Plaza.

My favorite room!

And that pretty much sums up everything about the Holiday Party!

I want to say with how Flash is about to expire, I am glad the CPR team is doing everything they can to end off CPR with the Holiday Party, and to smoothly transition to HTML5 to continue our childhood memories. Lots of love to them!

Since Rockhopper is most likely visiting the island, be sure to join our Discord for fast mascot tracking, as well as staying close with the community!

Waddle on!

– CPR Cheats Team

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