December 2020 Clothing Catalog Secrets (+ NEW PIN!)

Hey everyone, Kidguin here! Bit of a delayed post today, everyone’s pretty busy around this time of year. A new Penguin Style catalog was released today, as well as a winter sports catalog and pin! Keep on reading to find out more!

Let’s start out with the pin. You’ll find this on the stands at the Ice Rink:

I love this pin, it captures the spirit of the holiday season and the strong sense of community we have on CPR. Look how cute it is!

You can also find the winter sports catalog on the bottom right side of the Ice Rink. There aren’t any secrets, but this is what it looks like:

Personally this is my favorite sports catalog I’ve seen on CPR so far! There’s a wide variety of different items in several colors, and I love the bobsleds and skis. Definitely some really cool items in there, so pick them up while you can!

On to the Penguin Style secrets! Now is your time to pick up some Christmas gear, and you’ll find plenty of it in December’s catalog:

NOTE: the circle on the treetop next to the penguin with the tree costume is where the red viking helmet is hidden!

Finally, there’s a new play at the Stage! It’s the holidays, of course, so A Humbug Holiday has returned. Make sure you check out the costume trunk for some more festive wear!

FINAL NOTE: Don’t forget to redeem your compensation codes! Operation Swarm was canceled, unfortunately, but the admins have given out two codes (30KCOINS and zTy3Mhm8d) that are good for 30,000 coins and a Treasure Book code for each individual penguin.

That’s about it for the recent updates! Thanks so much again for reading our posts, and don’t forget to join us on Discord to meet other players, be updated on new posts and CPR-related developments, and for top-notch mascot tracking.

Until next time!

-CPR Cheats Team

Author: Kidguin

Moderator of CPR Cheats

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