The Great Storm 2020, New Catalog, & More!

Howdy, penguins! Agent reporting in. This is my first time writing for the site, and I could not be more excited! Especially with what we’ve got in store for you…

Before we get into the latest update, you might want to take a quick peek at your stamp book, if you haven’t already.

Click, clickity ka-click!

Yes, that’s right, Klutzy will now be visiting the island as a mascot! (Psst! If you want to know as soon as he clicks on a server, be sure to hop into our discord at and react to the post in #roles-list with the Rockhopper emote!)

Klutzy isn’t the only crab that’s been spotted! I wonder what this little guy’s up to…

Now that that’s covered, let’s get into what you’ve been waiting (hopefully very patiently) for; CPR’s latest update!

You may have noticed that it’s a bit rainy out. As noted by Gary in the newspaper, the Great Storm of 2020 has started, so you’d better get your umbrellas out! If you don’t have one already, someone has been kind enough to leave one at the Ski Village, so go and pick it up!

Rain on me, rain, rain…rain on me…

Next up is the new look for the Dance Lounge–er, sorry, the Arcade!

Players of the original Club Penguin might recognize this room.

It’s gotten a huge makeover! I personally love the added detail of the penguins grooving on the dance floor below.

Oh? And what’s this in the trash can?

A big thank you to our discord moderator, asad12345, for this picture! Click click. =D

The new pin features our newest and cutest mascot, Klutzy! Below is what it looks like on a player card.

So small, he could fit in your claw!

Now, for the grand finale, the catalog secrets!

Wow, a catalog that’s perfect for me! It must be pretty good if a certain dastardly duo wanted to appear on the cover…

First page:

The colored shapes indicate where the hidden items are!
Red square item.
Orange square item.
Pink square item.

Second page:

This is my favorite page out of the three!
Red rectangle item.
Blue rectangle item.
Pink rectangle item.

Third page:

Isn’t the moon beautiful tonight?
Red rectangle item.
Yellow rectangle item.
Orange rectangle item.
Blue square item.

Finally, the Penguins at work items, as well as the Item of the Month!

I sure hope we don’t have to use that hose…

That’s it for this post. Until next time, be resourceful, be remarkable, and be ready!

Agent, over and out-


Be prepared, agents.

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