October 2020 Igloo Catalog Secrets + New Pin!

Hello everyone! It’s Ev! The ~spooky~ igloo catalogs for October 2020 are finally here, as well as a new pin! Continue reading for the full post!

The first page jumps right in to the ~spooky~ furniture items. It also includes three secret items!

The second page also includes three secret items! Honestly, seeing this page made me super excited because I got many ideas for my submission for the CPR Halloween Igloo Contest!

The third page has two secret items! Also, I am in LOVE with the Nightmare Vortex. I have always wanted that item!!!

And the very last page of the Halloween section has three more secret items!

There is also a new Igloo Upgrades catalog. It has two new igloos!

Such a cute cover!

The last thing I want to cover is the new pin location! The new pin is located in the Book Room. It is all the way on the left corner of the room, nested against the lamp (next to your EPF phone). It is a candy corn with a cute witch hat!

That is it for the new igloo catalog update! Be sure to buy all of the cute ~spooky items~ and come up with a creative igloo design for the CPR Halloween Igloo Contest! 20 Grand Prize winners will receive 50,000 coins and an exclusive igloo! 20 Runner-ups will receive 25,000 coins. The 40 lucky penguins will also have their igloos featured in the Club Penguin Times! The contest ends on October 22nd, so start designing now!

Don’t forget to join our discord to stay close with our community and experience fast mascot tracking from our lovely staff!


Waddle On!

– CPR Cheats Team

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