Fair 2020 Walkthrough Part 2 + New Pin!

Heyo lovely penguins! It’s Ev! The new Fair update is out, which means more prizes and new rides! Continue reading for the full post!

First thing I want to cover is the new pin location! It is currently at Plaza. The new pin is a Ping Pong Paddle. It will be at the bottom left of the Plaza, behind the lamp post (next to your EPF Phone). It took me a while to find it!

Week 2 content consists of three new mystery prizes, new booth prizes, secret prizes, and even a change in the Golden Ticket price! The new Golden Ticket price costs 5,000 tickets! Y’all better start grinding!

stan Stu and Thorn

The booth located outside of the circus has new prizes! I am honestly in love with all of them (especially the secrets!)

Here are the secret items from this booth! Hover your mouse over these specific locations!

That pretty much wraps up everything from this update! This party has been my #1 favorite of this year, and I really do hope you guys are enjoying it! Don’t forget to join our Discord to not only stay close with our community, but to also receive new updates and fast mascot tracking!


Waddle on!

– CPR Cheats Team

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