Fair 2020 Walkthrough

Hey everyone, Kidguin again :’) The annual Fair is finally here after a bit of an unexpected delay, which means…prizes and games galore! Let’s get right into it.

We’ll start with the pin, which is the same one that was obtainable last year and is available at the Coffee Shop:

To get it, throw snowballs into the funnel and wait for the snow cone to be made!

There is one custom room for this party; go to the Dock and follow the path on the right to get to it! It looks like this:

Here you’ll be able to play Puffle Shuffle and Ring the Bell, two of several games that will give you tickets to spend on both the Wheel and on prizes at the prize booths.

See that arrow pointing upwards on the top left? Follow that path and you’ll get to the Ferris Wheel!

There is also an arrow on the right side of the custom room (scroll back up just a tad) that will lead you to a rollercoaster ride!

**If you’re wondering how prizes and tickets work, here’s a rundown: you can play games at both the Forest and the custom room for regular orange tickets. After every game you play, as well as while you’re just going from room to room, you have a chance of winning a golden ticket. Each golden ticket gives you one spin on the Wheel. The prizes on the wheel include one of nine mystery prizes, regular orange tickets, or coins. The regular tickets can be saved up and spent on booth prizes (which are found in the Forest and the room above the Forest, where the Puffle Circus is) or for one golden ticket per 10,000 regular tickets.

Here is what the panel of mystery prizes looks like:

An updated picture of all of the prizes will be added to this post at some point during the party!

UPDATE: There were three new mystery prizes added!

And here are the available prizes at the booths, which you can buy with regular tickets!

In addition to all of these items, you can get another returning item, this cowboy hat, from the Lighthouse!

The Step Right Up background is also back, obtainable at the Ski Village. Click the red shutter button to get it!

Don’t forget that a new newspaper is out as well! Here are, as always, the important things to know regarding upcoming updates:

It may be Fair season now, but October is just around the corner…so get ready for spooky island decor and Halloween costumes!

Last but not certainly not least, be sure to redeem the exclusive code that was released with this party! Type in THEFAIR20 on the redeem codes page on the server select screen to pick up the following:

Not one, but TWO items from 2018 have made a return, and every player receives 20,000 coins as compensation for the party delay.

Whew, that was a big update! I hope you’re all enjoying the party as much as I am so far. Please don’t get frustrated if you’re finding it difficult to obtain prizes from the wheel, as you have plenty of time to get them! Don’t forget to join our Discord to get involved with our close-knit community, more updates, and lightning fast mascot tracking (Rookie will be visiting throughout this party, so keep an eye out for those pings)!

Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team

Author: Kidguin

Moderator of CPR Cheats

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