Water Party 2020

Hey everyone! The water party is now live, click “Continue reading” for all the free items!

There are a total of 5 items in this party:

  1. The Blue Lei is at the Dock

2. The Green Duck is at the Cove

3. The Umbrella Hat is at the Coffee Shop

4. The Shell Necklace is at the Beach

5. Lastly, the Ice Cream Apron is at the Plaza

My favorite room from this party is back, the blue whale! Here’s an image of me on the whale three years ago from CPR’s first ever Water party!


What do you guys think of this party? Let us know!

Until next time,


Author: zippy

I created CPRCheats.com three weeks after CP Rewritten's launch. I usually log on to Zipline whenever I come online.

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