Medieval Party: Part II

Hello fellow Dukes and Duchesses, a small update has come to the Medieval island, so let’s check it out! Continue reading for the full post!

Before you log on, click unlock items online.

Then type in the code: MYTHICAL20, to unlock a Loch Ness Dragon costume and some coins!


When you first log on, Gary the Gadget Guy has another message for us.

We’re still not sure what he means by this green book, hopefully this gets revealed later. But there is a school that we can visit, head to the ski village. Before you enter there is a pin hiding in the ski village, the Leaf pin.

You may also notice on the the Scorn statue, that his head his missing. It’s the same for each statue around the island.

Hinting at something maybe? We’ll have to find out! Anyways, head into the the little pathway to the school that G talked about.

Inside there is a school room. This is an authentically made room, reminiscent of the high school in the newer club penguin days. There are a couple green books shown in the school however nothing happens when you click or walk on them, guess G was talking about a different green book.

After you’ve enjoyed the custom room, head to the town for one last surprise.

When you get there climb up the bean stalk on the left side of the town.


Welcome to the Sky Kingdom! Here you can collect your free Sky Staff

And when you apply it you can reach the top of the balcony, when you are on the balcony with other players certain the stones will start lighting up and will form a rainbow!

That’s all for now! Be sure to be on the lookout for anymore Dragons! Be sure to join our Mascot Tracker on Discord or if you’re not a fan of Discord, join our Mascot Tracker on Twitter. I personally like the discord one because in addition to tracker, you also get to meet many other players who can help give thoughtful ideas about the game!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team



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