May 2020 Furniture Catalog Secrets + NEW PINS

Hello again, penguins, Kidguin here!! Another update has arrived, bringing us new igloo catalogs, two new pins (yes, you read that right), and a returning stage play with a couple secret of its own! Keep reading to find out more!

This month’s furniture catalog has plenty of music-themed items…Music Jam, anyone? Here are all of the secrets:

First page:

The jukebox has multiple secrets hidden on it alone. Once you click the upper left rectangle (indicated by the circle and arrow on the image), you’ll be able to purchase the Groovy Jukebox:

Click on the rectangle highlighted on the above picture, and you’ll get the Vintage Jukebox:

Next, click the third highlighted rectangle, and you’ll see the Fun Jukebox:

Again, click on the rectangle shown above, and the Warm Jukebox will appear:

Finally, click the bottom left rectangle to be redirected back to the normal Jukebox shown in the catalog!

Second page:

Third page:

In addition to the furniture catalogs, there’s a new addition to the Igloo Upgrades catalog: a fan favorite!

This update has also brought us two new pins. The first pin is a Tulip pin, and is located at the Beach.

The second pin is at the Stage; this one is a little tricky to figure out how to get. Follow the steps in chronological order as indicated in the next picture to get it!:

In order: file cabinet, trash can, book, flower pot, and painting. Click the safe behind the painting and you’ll see the pin!

Once you’ve clicked on the highlighted areas in order, you’ll receive the Ruby pin:

Last but certainly not least, there are a couple of hidden items in the Stage Play catalog! Ruby and the Ruby won big at the Penguin Play Awards, and is now being featured again at the Stage. The hidden items are as follows:

Simply click and drag to move the box of text on the very back of the catalog downwards, and you’ll see the Noir Background!

That’s about it for today’s updates! Make sure you join our Discord to keep up with more updates and join in on the fun. 🙂

Until next time! Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team

Author: Kidguin

Moderator of CPR Cheats

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