Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Cheats 2020

Howdy Penguins! The Easter egg scavenger hunt for this year has just arrived here on the island, and we’ve got you covered for the full scavenger hunt locations. Click to read more!

Note: The new pin locations and field-op walkthrough are right below this post if you scroll down.

  1. The first egg reads, “Finding this egg is what you will do, In a room with a table for two”. This egg is in the Pizza Parlor behind the plant to the right of the entrance.

egg 1

2. The second egg reads, “An egg where you would join the band, In a building that is near sand.” What building is near sand? The Lighthouse! It’ll be directly to the right of the door

egg 2

3. The third egg reads, “Around the island you’ll have a look, Find an egg in a room with a book”. This of course will be the Book Room! The egg is located on the top of the bookshelf:

egg 3

4. The fourth egg reads, “Up high in the mountain peak, A room where a grasshopper will seek”. I feel like I’ve heard the word grasshopper before… so it must be the Dojo! This one is a little bit tricky. This egg moves through the top window of the Dojo first, and both the left and right sides of the Dojo. You need to be quick and click on it in one of the locations as shown below. It moves in this order:

egg 4-1

egg 4-2

egg 4-3

5. The fifth egg reads, “An egg can be found on a sunny day, A place where penguins re-enact a play”. This egg is in the Plaza on the lamp to the left entrance of the stage.

egg 5

6. The sixth eggs reads, “An egg that feels brave, Might catch a wave.” Where do you go to “catch a wave”? The Cove! This egg will be by the red and yellow surfboard.

egg 6

7. The final egg reads, “An egg is hiding in a busy space, Where you’ll find a fashion place.” This will be the Town.

egg 7

Now we can go ahead and claim our prize, the Green Bunny Ears!

*If this is your first Scavenger hunt completed, you should receive a stamp when you claim the prize. If not, re-login and try again.



With this addition that now means the Pink, Blue, and Green bunny ears have released at one point on CPR! Awesome!

What do you guys think of this year’s scavenger hunt? Also, how do I look? Do the green or pink bunny ears look better on me? (or blue?) Let me know what you guys think!

Happy Easter from the CPR Cheats Team!


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I created CPRCheats.com three weeks after CP Rewritten's launch. I usually log on to Zipline whenever I come online.

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