May 2020 Penguin Style Secrets


Howdy penguins! It’s a new month here on the CPR island, which means a new Penguin Style catalog! This catalog brings back some awesome items, and even hints towards the next party later this month! We’ve got you covered for the secrets to this catalog, so click to continue reading more.

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Penguin Play Awards 2020 Walkthrough + NEW PIN!

Hey all, it’s about that time! The Penguin Play Awards are here and there are a lot of exciting updates that have arrived with them. Keep reading to find out more!

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Earth Day 2020

Hello everyone!

Ninja here with a short post on the small update CPR dropped yesterday before the concert.

It’s a small earth day party with a couple decorated rooms and a free item!

To collect your free item just head to the plaza where you can collect the Outback Exploring Hat!

There are several rooms with some cool decorations as well. My favorites are the forest and the Snow Forts!

If you throw snowballs in the machine at the Snow Forts, it begins to snow!

Special thanks to Thorn for making a cameo

And that’s all for this small update!

Make sure to join our discord!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team

Field-Op Walkthrough

Elite Penguin Force | Club Penguin Wiki | Fandom

Hello Everyone!

Ninja here with another post on this busy day of CPR. I also want to say a word of thank you to everyone who has been tuning in and helping us get our views up to 2 million. That is a lot of penguins waddling through and we couldn’t have done it without you so thank you! Now let’s get to the good stuff. G needs our help so let’s help him out. Continue reading for our full walkthrough.

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NEW PINS! 4-9-20

Howdy everyone, along with the scavenger hunt there are two new pins!

The first is the Orange Puffle pin and can be found at the Beacon.orangeorange1

The second new pin is the Brown Puffle and can be found in the Ski Lodge behind the orange couch.


A new pin is hidden every two weeks, so make sure to get these before they’re gone!


Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Cheats 2020

Howdy Penguins! The Easter egg scavenger hunt for this year has just arrived here on the island, and we’ve got you covered for the full scavenger hunt locations. Click to read more!

Note: The new pin locations and field-op walkthrough are right below this post if you scroll down.

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2 Million Hits!

Hey everyone, zippy here! I’m so so glad to announce that our website has officially reached TWO MILLION HITS today! This is such a huge milestone for me and the blog and I couldn’t have thanked you guys enough for continuing to tune in our site here. Since I’ve started this site in March 2017 I would have never thought that we would attain so many views over the years.


Thank you to everyone who has helped to contribute to the site and our current authors, without your help this would have never been possible. There’s nothing about this blog that I haven’t said before so I’ll leave it at that, but I just wanted to make a little post anyway because as you can tell I’m pretty excited! So thank you everyone for helping us become the number one CPR cheats site in the world. I’m glad to have built such a huge following on CPR, and here’s to many more to come!


Also, stay tuned for the Easter Egg scavenger hunt secrets!


Penguin Style Cheats – April 2020

Hello Everyone!

Ninja here with cheats for the new Penguin Style catalog that just dropped, there’s a bunch of awesome items in this catalog, both old and new, so click continue reading and check it out!

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