Fashion Party Walk-through


Howdy Penguins! As expected, the Fashion Party has officially launched on the island! This is actually the first of its kind of CPR, so I’m excited to see how it looks!

Unfortunately, there are actually no free items available. There is only a party catalog which is in the Plaza/Town, and everyday for the duration of this party new items will be released which you can buy starting on March 20th. NOTE: I’ll be updating this post every day with each new item. Everyday is a new theme, and you can submit your outfit in the Dock for a chance to be featured on CPR’s What’s New Blog!

March 20th
March 21st
March 22nd
March 23rd
March 24th

The other new update is Rockhopper’s Catalog! There are no hidden items. However the very rare Pink Viking Helmet has made a return!


This party isn’t very huge in itself, but for the first time since Operation Blackout a couple years ago, Dot will be appearing on the island!. Rockhopper is also still set to be on the island until this party ends (the 26th) so if you want to meet these guys, head on over to our Discord server for updates on these mascots location when they arrive!

What do you guys think of this party? Let us know!


Author: zippy

I created three weeks after CP Rewritten's launch. I usually log on to Zipline whenever I come online.

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