CPR Cheats Anniversary

WARNING: The following post is going to be about this site that is very long and sappy so if you’re here for just cheats and don’t care about the rest then you can skip this post.

Today officially marks the 3rd year of this site’s existence. On this very day three years ago, I thought of the idea of creating a cheats blog for CPR. The game was very new at the time, so there weren’t many other sites available out then so I thought, why not create my own? I always loved looking at popular OG CP blogs as a kid so I figured, why not try it out for myself? Little did I know what was to come out of it and here we are three years later still going strong. Honestly, I never figured we would come this far. I have played many CPPS’ for years prior to CPR and very little have the longevity that CPR has reached. So because CPR’s operation has been going around for a while, we have been around just as long too. I’m proud to have helped many penguins throughout the years and keep up the consistency that we have.

As of the writing of this post, we have amounted to over 1.7 million views and 489,559 visitors from people in 180+ countries in the world. That’s an insane feat and I would never imagined in a lifetime that we would reach this many, especially as just a fan site.  We have grown tremendously due to CPR’s success and whether you just found us today or been a fan of us for years, I am glad you are here and that my site is the one to provide you with the best CPR cheats.

Even though I started on my own, I have not gone without help along the way. So, I have a few people in mind I’d like to take this opportunity to thank for their contributions to CPR Cheats:

Legofan Cy: You have only been with me for a very short time, but you were the first person who reached out to offer to help. I wish you had been here longer but if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have been as encouraged to seek out help from others.

Mr Max: At the recommendation of Lego, I allowed Max to help me around mid-2017. Little did I know he would be dedicated for about a year and keep the blog going for some time when I wasn’t around. Max, thank you for contributions to this site.  You have been around for a very long time and helped this blog grow to be what it is today during the very early stages. Here’s something a lot of you don’t know: I never revealed my name on this blog until a bit later on (even to Max). Because of that, I allowed him to promote himself on this blog so he was awarded POTW when the staff found out about it. I think I have done more than enough to thank you, wouldn’t you say?

LordNinja24: I’m not sure if I ever would have returned to this blog again if it weren’t for Ninja. I was very disinterested in CPR with no desire to keep going at one point, but one comment changed it all. You offered to help and I took that chance.  The rest as they say, is history. Thank you, Ninja. You took CPR Cheats to a whole new level and expanded the community with the creation of the Discord server. For over a year now (and still going) you are still dedicated to CPR cheats and I consider you a true friend for your loyalty. I feel as if you deserve some recognition from the CPR staff though (maybe POTW?)

Of course, within the last year there are many others who have dedicated a lot of time towards CPR Cheats including former and current staff members: brittonio, spacefrog, xSusanity, ohjas, Sammons, sandymandy4, Kidguin596, eveny, Fliberjig1, stardance590, Jennifer9878, NinPowTM, asad12345, Roybert, among others. I appreciate you guys sticking around and helping CPR cheats continue to grow. There are so many more but since I can’t list everyone, I say thank you to the community as a whole. Consider this a little appreciation post for you all outside of the typical standard cheats posts that we usually provide here.

Very sappy, I know. But seriously, I think we should all appreciate and remember how this community started, yeah? I felt like this post was a long time coming, there probably won’t be another one like this for a while. Truth be told, I probably don’t have a lot left in me. Memories like these on CPR remind me of good times that may never be repeated and it was all thanks to one idea I made come true. So as long as CPR is alive, so will this website. I’ve spent so much time working on this site and I truly hope you all enjoy our content. I have much more to say but I think my sappiness has gone on for too long here and I don’t want to babble all day so I will leave it at that.

Waddle on, penguins.


Author: zippy

I created CPRCheats.com three weeks after CP Rewritten's launch. I usually log on to Zipline whenever I come online.

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