New Island Update (New pin, new Field-Op etc)

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Hello Y’all!

The Anniversary party has ended and the Island has updated with several new features to discover including a new pin, a new show and a brand new Field op! We dive into all of these in this post so click continue reading for our full post!

First thing we’re going to do is find the new pin. With the puffle party upcoming, it’s very fitting that the new pin is a Red Puffle Pin! You can claim it at the Ski Hill!

Then head to the boiler room and collect the Blue Puffle Pin as well!

Next check your spy phone for some new messages from G:

Well, let’s listen to Gary and head to the HQ to get instructions for our next Field Op.

Alright, G wants us to head to the puffle shop and tune-up a surveillance device. The Phone will start going off when you stand in the bottom left corner.

And it’s a new Field-Op game! “Tune the Radio Scanner”!

This game can be difficult, but some things to remember can make it a little easier.

The number on the bottom left is the number you’re trying to stop the dial on.

The ticks on the dial all go by increments of 30. (30, 60, 90, 120, 150 etc). So when numbers start disappearing, you can remember that and you can remember all the numbers.

Each time you have to select a new number, let the dial spin a little bit to get the rhythm of the spin, sometimes it has a catch that aren’t ready for.

Watch the bars on the bottom, the top bar tracks your progress and the bottom bar tracks how many tries you have left.


Last but not least, go check out the new play! “Norman Swarm has been Transformed”

This play has an epic Costume Trunk with several items that I didn’t have and that I’m glad to have now, so check it out! 

There is also a secret pin that can be collected. You’ll need a group of penguins, at least one dressed as a bug from this play. They all need to stand on the 5 piles of rocks on the ground at the same time, and the rock will roll away to reveal a secret tunnel!

Piles of rocks that need to be stood on to open the tunnel 

Then, once again you’ll need to stand on the pile of rocks in order to open the chest and reveal the Magical Phial Pin! You can click on it to collect it!

That’s all for this post, if you have any questions please comment below, or join our discord and ask us!

Until next time, Waddle On!

-CPR Cheats Team



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